At the start of 2010 I was shooting in Holland with Spanked in Uniform, I travelled with my friend Lottie Kinsade who I had gotten to know online via talking to her boyfriend, and we quickly became friends. We were the first two UK models (and in fact, non Dutch models) to shoot for them and I spent a lot of time talking to Mike about the ideas and even helping with the school uniforms for the site. It was a fantastic experience and I was asked by other UK models what it was like and give a testimonial, so that they would follow and work for SIU too.

Later in the year. I got married and went to acting school in New York and started a long sabbatical.

This year I was working with Northern Spanking and doing lots of role play sessions in London and Birmingham, and photo shoots. I also filmed ‘The Writings on the Wall’ which was another one from my own film series. I ran a successful charity event ‘Spank a Bishop for Charity’ in which all of the over proceeds went to Leukemia Research. There were 3 winners who each for a role play session with me at different levels.

I remember going to ‘Night of the Cane’ in London, and also to a Northern Spanking party in Glasgow, where I met my idol Niki Flynn who had just retired. Most of the top spanking models were there and I was dressed up as a pirate girl πŸ™‚

I remember being totally rushed off my feet, and with Martin my tall handsome British-Italian boyfriend for 6 months who lived in Spain and took me to parties. I only saw him at weekends, but I did get lots of spankings too and we had a good time together.

2008 was a full on year. I was travelling a lot and did some spanking parties, as well as making more of my own films and building me reputation as an actress and model. I was training at Theatre School and appearing in mainstream short films too, as well as modelling and spanking work. I worked with the icon Sam Johnson for ‘Sam’s Diaries’ who I was friends with through our work and was feeling like I belonged.

My ‘The Trouble With Emma’ website was attracting over 125,000 unique visitors a year and I was getting myself more established as a model. I made more films in my own ‘The Trouble with Emma’ series and travelled a lot. I had a boyfriend in the scene for a year who worked in Paris, France, so I saw him at weekends and stayed over there a few times. It was my first taste of living a Domestic Discipline lifestyle when we were together, but he treated me like a princess. I was too immature for him and impatient and wanted more of it and to be together full time, and we spilt up just before Xmas after I left.

I joined the ‘Bums on the Run’ team over 14 spanking models to do ‘Race for Life’ 5K run in London to raise money for Cancer Research. We all advertised, contacted our friends and acquaintances and managed to be the 3rd highest group of fundraisers in the UK, as everyone in the scene came out to support us. I remember being in awe of some of the models who were well known, but we all mucked in and I made good friends that I would later work with in films.

I did my first professional spanking party in April this year. It was with Jean Bradley of Yorkshire Spanking, who was very well known and had a famous website. There were 6 girls and 20 men and at the end they had to vote for the ‘naughtiest girl’. To my amazement I won, so I got spanked by Headmistress Jean in front of everyone who clapped at the end. I met Donna Davenport there who later became a friend I worked with. I was on such a high and got some nice testimonials from that and made lots of friends.

My film series was underway and becoming popular online. I started to do more modelling too, and I was getting an early reputation as a newcomer spanking model.

I joined the scene in October 2005 after I was approached by a published photographer, Roy Tersely, who had worked with the top spanking magazines and other sites. I was very confident and reckless but lucky, and as I had been modelling in the Blue Rooms in London and was signed to a fashion agency I had lots of practice on how to walk and pose so spanking pictures had to follow. I was still with my mentor Dr Williams who I had been with since 2000, and I had regular discipline before I even knew there was a big ‘scene’.

Roy Tersely took wonderful pictures, introduced me to the right people and helped me with my spanking films. My first film was a fly on the wall early video diary that I called ‘A Visit to the School Governors’. It was not scripted but shot in the moment at a party I was invited to, and later became the main event in the film I produced. It was very successful and I was the new girl on the block. I’m eternally grateful to Mr Tersely and his remains a ‘Sir’ to me I will always want to work with and see again.