My second visit to his study and this time it was for:

  • Texting when driving. It was very serious and highly dangerous and someone could have been killed and me too – I was given an over the knee spanking and 18 hard strokes of the cane.
  • I was caught emailing at work when I should have been working – I was given another spanking across his knee after some corner time
  • I had double booked an appointment on 24th July to meet a stranger. I was disrespectful to both men as I had already agreed a date with him – I had another very hard spanking across his knee.

This was my very first punishment in 2012 at a time when Mr W was  my Dom. It was for:

  • Being rude and cheeky when he first asked me about helping me and becoming my Dom. I was a bit offish and a brat and suggested he could not handle me well enough. I did not take him seriously which was very hurtful to him so he taught me a lesson that day.
  • Being rude to someone who I was staying with as a guest in his house in London when told off for wearing shoes in the house
  • Being rude and wearing at the receptionist in the B&B I stayed with in Victoria, London who said I had to pay £10 deposit for the room key. I told her it was “bloody ridiculous”

I was given a cold caning of 12 strokes, 12 strokes of the Prison Strap and a very hard over the knee spanking.