After my last session the other day I have had a lot of vanilla career stuff to do, but as I have behaved pretty badly lately and have a concerned friend looking out for me on a temporary basis for the moment I will be having another accountability session soon. There are things I know I screwed up on, others were just scatty oversights and I am pretty useless at sticking to my own rules anyway.

I have had a few emails lately from people confusing me with Emma Brown who was a well known spanking model in the scene slightly before me but she was also working when I had just joined the scene (circa 2006-8). Emma Brown is/was great and I am not sure what happened to her.  I’m flattered by the comparison, but please check my surname first? I did use to have a bob cut like her at the time when I was making ‘The Trouble With Emma’ film series so I think that may have confused you all too! Here is me and Emma Brown side by side from around the same period (I think), I am on the left in the pyjamas :

And here is me yesterday just so you know who you are dealing with nowadays 🙂

N.B: Picture of Emma Brown was found on this site, with credit and thanks:

PS: Just an edited plug and big up for my friend (aka Abigail Armani) who has a wonderful new site of some of her erotic novels. I have known her for years and am so pleased for her success after all the dedication she has given to her work. Please visit and send some love to her, via BISHOP not Brown haha:

Totally vanilla and chilling picture taken just now unplugged with no make up, I’m off to bed!

I just found some of the posts I published on my previous now defunct blog (‘Naughtily Ever After’) and decided to re-post them here.

Boardwalk Badness Weekend: Parts 4 to 1 (descending scroll down)

They are about my trip to Atlantic City in April when I went to ‘Boardwalk Badness Weekend’ Party. They made me smile when I read them today so I managed to retrieve them and include them again, so if you scroll down to the bottom you can read them all and how I was feeling then. I’m glad I recovered and lived to be partying another day, but at the time it was awful to feel so ill. I will always be grateful to the special people who helped me get better these past six months and will never forget that. As I will be going back to New York in three weeks time (and counting), this time to the ‘SSNY’ party, I need to think about what to wear but of course there will be some ‘school’ outfits in there somewhere I suppose and plenty of warm clothes because I remember how cold Manhattan can be in December.

Anyway I just wanted to explain in case any new readers wondered where the ‘April 2013’ posts suddenly appeared from. I’m very excited and looking forward to the future, I never live in the past and look back for too long, but this time I will be far more sensible and better behaved at the party….”or else” so I have been warned! Today I had a positive chat with a new friend and I look forward to catching up again with the wonderful friends and acquaintances I made at BBW.