spankingmodelfakeI recently saw a very interesting thread in Fetlife about the quality of spanking videos (and ‘models) who appear in films but also in Spanking Tube, which has become a DIY haven for many aspiring ‘models’ in the scene. The writer (who I hope will not mind me recognising and agreeing with his opinion) wrote:

“Then, it happened.
One day a few people woke up and said: “How hard can this be? I like spanking. I slap my girls butt when we have sex. I have a video camera. Let’s make a spanking video.” And so it went. Amateur vids flooded the market. The laughers. The almost spanking. The sadists. The spanking/sex vids. No one had a clue how to market their product. And most failed as they should have. Success wasn’t so easy. Spankingtube uploads between a dozen and two dozen new clips a week. FREE. Depending on the contributor it can range from 1:30 to 10 minutes a clip. Here’s what’s crazy. You don’t have to pay a cent to watch them. I can honestly say there hasn’t been one who has cracked the code and illicits the feeling of “I have to buy that video.” Why would you?

I’ve been in marketing for 100 years. I’ve worked with the biggest brands on the planet. I understand how to feed and care for a brand. Very few video producers do. Oh, they’ll tell you they do. But if you asked them to give you a Strategy Statement or Mission Statement, they’d be hard pressed to put into words where they are positioned in the spanking entertainment world. What is missing in these companies is a marketer who understand differentiation, brand equity, and loyalty marketing.”

I actually like a lot of the spanking tube clips I have seen but the quality often leaves a lot to be desired, and I agree that a lot of the spanking film producers do not seem to have much of a marketing plan or strategy or much idea about segmentation (by the way, I have a diploma in Marketing too), which has allowed these home hobbyists to plonk a camera down with scant lighting on the cheap to produce their own material. I have been lucky enough to have worked for the film makers who do have a plan and brilliant ideas and minds, and the best photographers too with good story outlines. I had professional acting Theatre and Film training to improvise on the spot without faking it. I am also lucky in that I was born into this, it is in my DNA, I am a submissive to the core and do not play at it, so whether there is a camera there or not, to me it is always real and I have to be spanked for real or I won’t do it. I have even done a spanking comedy film and made it real just by going with the live action and quipping back on the spot without trying to get laughs or be funny. Part of training as an actress means you never play for the ending but go scene to scene, line by line, and although I know I am going to get spanked I have no idea what is coming or how I will end up, humiliated, tears, or with a make it up and kiss better hug. I have been silly/risk taking/over generous in doing the same in 121’s too sometimes, I go with the scene; I want it as real as it can be. Even if I know the ending in advance I have trained to block it out because in real life we don’t always know what we are going to do or say next, it is spontaneous, so why should acting be any different?

Anyway, to illustrate my point for ‘Spanking Tube’ fans…I had a real life punishment spanking today, but before I post pictures of this in a future post, I  took the chance to play for the camera and put together the montage of images (above). For fun I will call this ACT ONE, there may or may not be an ACT TWO, I do not want to give all my professional secrets away! I am NOT saying you need to be an actress to make spanking films, but I (personally) just like it when it looks as if it is taken seriously. I am deliberately showing what I see a lot of in Spanking films, which is about the models making it about them, and it is the reason why I rarely watch much in spanking tube. I see a lot of ‘funishment’ in Spanking Tube films (ultimate pleasure making dressed up as ‘discipline’) and very occasionally it is ‘real’, but the quality of filmmaking and the hugging, kissing and sometimes sex afterwards turns it into deliberate playing for the camera and inviting the whole world into a private moment. All (to me) put together for a moment of stardom and self indulgence with no real effort. I love fly on the wall films, I made my own, but I hate actors and actresses who know the camera is there. I think the industry as a whole has lost a lot of the professionalism it once had and has lowered its spanking quality and style to compete with Spanking Tube. I loved the Red Stripe films, Ivor Gold was a genius, as was George Harrison Marks and the Nu West Films were great. They may not have had the celluloid quality we have now with live streaming and reduced time to market, but they had great models and brilliantly real ‘actors’ who, if they were acting, never ever made it look that way.  I will continue to follow those sites that work hard to keep it professional and treat it like a job and not a roll in the hay.