Today I went to see an old friend Ian, the London Tanner. I first knew Ian when he was living in America and I was getting well known as a spanking model. One of my friends was visiting the US and brought me back a personal gift from Ian around 2005, a black leather nursery strap that I still have. I met Ian at parties, and was also friends with his lovely partner Jo, and as the scene is quite small we all have mutual friends.

Today I went to see Ian at home as he lives nearby, and had a tour of his famous London Tanners workshop and saw the implements being made. We talked a lot about acting as Ian was an actor too, and he showed me his old photos and some press cuttings

Of course no visit would be complete without a spanking, so I was over his knee being spanked with his hard hand from years of fine craftsmanship, and then had a long strapping with a well-worn razor strop. Finally I had 12 strokes of the cane with two of his personal favourite canes. It was a visit and memory to remember and I was feeling like a very lucky girl to be invited.