I was recently asked to write a story/testimonial using an experience I had with a leather paddle. This is my best effort for my school homework and I hope you like it!

That afternoon had been full of surprises, as Emma was trying to hold together a launch party that hadn’t exactly gone according to plan. She had been splitting her time between meet and greet, catering, improvising a presentation in the moment, and sulking in the corner on codeine to ease her pain and her disappointment that everything was going wrong. It had been a difficult time, not only had Emma tweaked her back and spent Christmas on painkillers, and then paid out a lot of money on physio, but she had left a job position she hated and was going into 2020 without any kind of plan.

She had split up from her scene parents who she hadn’t seen for months anyway since they had gone to their other home in the South of France for longer than usual, so she was undisciplined again and feeling in a total mess, which she has been ever since. But plans, safewords, and an easy life would be a pleasant bonus and a first, and that, .. is The Trouble with Emma.

Eventually Emma forgot about her ills and stopped feeling it was her against the world, as she was introduced to a nice lady by her friend. This lady happened to be a strict Disciplinarian and had just bought a very impressive looking leather paddle from a Gentleman who had been demonstrating his CP implements at the party.

The party clock was running down and Emma wanted some fun herself, so she did two things she had rarely done in her whole spanking life: She usually gets spanked by men but was about to be spanked by a woman, PLUS, she asked for a spanking! These things were as rare as unicorn poo to Emma but tonight she didn’t care. She had had a small glass of something to relax her and transport her from this latterly high horsed choosy princess, back to the risk taking Emma she had built her reputation on.

After a stern telling off and pretty long and stinging very hand spanking over the strict lady’s knee, Emma was told to get up and kneel on the settee for a few strokes of this new leather paddle. She caught a glimpse of its size and shine despite the low lights, and she could almost smell the finishing polish on the leather, in anticipation that it would very soon be cracking down upon her bare bottom.

As the lady made a point of saying she would be trying out her fabulous new toy, Emma positioned herself on the sofa with her bottom thrust out as she had once been trained to do. Being the first victim of a ‘Baker Dave Bottom Beater’ paddle gave Emma a sense of anticipation and challenge.

The sound of the party goers in the next room were a mild distraction, but she was soon back in the room with the first THWACK from the paddle. Emma pouted to herself “that wasn’t too bad” she thought, but knowing never to say that to a Disciplinarian for fear that it’s like a red rag to a bull! The next stroke was harder and the sound resonated around the room, as it landed at the heart of Emma’s peachy bottom and made her let out an “Owww”! Two more strokes followed in rapid fire succession, each harder than the previous. The strict lady had warmed up and meant business and so had her trusty new paddle as it cracked down fiercely on Emma’s now very red bottom. Emma’s winces turned to louder howls as she prepared for the final two, knowing she had met her match, a strict lady who knew exactly how to deal with a very naughty teenage type girl.

Emma had talked herself into a more severe spanking by telling lies to get her friend into trouble, and even though it was the holidays Emma felt like she was back in school again as she was told off by this stern maternal teacher type. She was beginning to think that being spanked by a woman was hurting much more than by a man, but maybe that’s because only a woman knows exactly how a young lady should act and behave and turn out, just like the expression “it takes one to know one”.

Emma breathed deeply, as a loud SLAP rang through the air. She cried out and actually began to gently sob which was rare, but this was new territory and she was not getting her own way and talking her way out if it. The final stroke was quick and very hard as Emma howled once again and wanted to clutch her sore bottom. Her Disciplinarian had finished and her new ‘bottom beater’ had done its work, leaving a deep red hue on Emma’s bottom.

Emma was told to get up, but as this was a party discipline play scene she had the benefit of a hug afterwards, but she knew inside that the actual discipline was real just like she was used to. She was told to apologise to her friend and uttered “Yes Miss”, knowing that she had also been taught some respect by her Disciplinarian of the day, and that she would report to her again if she was ever told to. The paddle also taught Emma to respect its power, as she sat on a sore bottom for the rest of the evening.

Emma was proud of herself that she had asked for a spanking, but was more surprised that she had the most amazing feelings and thoughts about female disciplinarians again, which took her straight back to her pre-scene curious time in Quirrenelle. It was like being back in school and spanked at home again.. ..but that’s another story!

Emma Bishop
Website : www.thetroublewithemma.com. Twitter : @troublewithemma

The Leather Paddle – Courtesy of https://www.bakerdavebottombeaters.com