I did that BDSM test the other day and it really surprised my ‘parents’ because I scored high as a brat.

Father said… “It is perhaps a surprise though that the “brat” score is so high…. I was thinking that brats rather enjoy being naughty……is that right do you think? It seems to me that you rather do try to be good, but are just not always successful?”

I said…”I don’t set out to be a brat in my relationships, but I’m a middle and used to lots of attention and I lose interest and withdraw if I don’t get it and I move on, so then its just like vanilla friendship. It depends if my needs are met and how inhibited I feel in a situation and if I can be myself or not. I become how I feel I’m being treated and I sulk and don’t handle endings well just like any teenager really as you know and keep telling me but I can’t help it, it really is out of my control in a medical brain maturity kind of way like I explained when we all met.  I do brat a lot to test people out. I don’t deliberate set out to in my head but it takes me over and is just how I am. I don’t expect people to realise or deal with that because most times I don’t know them too well they are scared off by me if it’s too real I think, and they prefer play and scenes which are easy and less effort as way in.”

This got me thinking so I ended up writing a poem that just came out of my head in the canteen at school! ..

A Brat’s Creed

I see the things you follow
And wonder if I’d walk behind
I try to smoke you out
To see if you’re my kind

By throwing you a teaser
I get to know your style
I read each word in pictures
And most times run a mile

My mind will spin in cartwheels
If magic words are said
My body wil be tempted
To catch up with my head

But if you are just a wordsmith
I quickly see the truth
Touch√©, au revoir or c’est la vie
This brat run rings around you.. but.. doesn’t really want to.