In the Middle

Since I stopped working as a spanking model about a year ago, although I closed down my website and blogs around 2016, I’ve never stopped being involved in the scene. I’m much happier back here now and will say and write what the hell I want, outside of any personal rules I have again to stop me upsetting too many people or being too cheeky or bratty online, or staying up past my bedtime!. My parents aren’t in here and I don’t have a Sir/Mentor/Disciplinarian right now so I will do my best not to get banned or burn myself out, which is my usual problem! My rock isn’t here any more to proof read and author my writing for typos and use his “legendary pedantry” (thanks Ellen Mae Davis) on me again, so I will do my best by myself. Discretion will always be assured, and no laundry airing of course just like I never ever did in the original ‘Bishy’s blog’ and ‘The Unsecret Diaries of Emma Bishop’. You have my word I will TRY and be a good girl 🙂

So what will I do? I will write about everything that comes into my head again, from my personal thoughts and feelings and experiences, implements or scenarios, to occasional topics of the day mixed in. I will try not to be nostalgic because I live in the present and want to be as good as my next challenge, not live off my past achievements. Until now I couldn’t write like this since i stopped blogging as Emma Bishop. I was always worried about what ‘people’ and those who knew me since would think, but I lost who I was. I wrote and scrapped hundreds of thoughts, posted and took down musings in seconds that took me an hour to write, and I felt trapped. I may run out of material, and new projects may not come along as easily or early as I hope but I will keep it going, even if it is to throw a tantrum about something!

I’m a ‘middle’ pretty much all the time in my real life and in my head, which means I identify as being around 14 years old, although my Daddy say’s i’m more like 9 and just trying to act older! Middles can pretty much be anywhere from 9 to 15 and I’m often very teenage and curious and aks alots of questions. It is so hard acting like an adult every day but i know I’m acting. I’m not crazy or deluded and its kinda complicated in a medical way but it’s just how I am. I need 9 hours sleep and early bedtimes, but I’m rubbish at keeping to rules and curfews so I get spanked lots and lots. I love little things too, have over 25 bears and my favourite books are the Alice Miranda series by Jacqueline Harvey. I also do other things and am very musical so I have to work on a major project which I am doing alongside this to keep me away from kink a bit!. I’m home again, I am me again, this is who I am and I’m staying right here 🙂

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