I am loving being back today as a spanking model and uploading some back catalog images on my other profile []. There will be lots of new stuff soon and I will set up some shoots. i will blog again too once I get up and running. I said I quit in that post almost a year ago, but I’ve had so many people telling me it was too early as I have so many ideas and things to do,

Anyway, I was thinking I would love to be in another film or long role play again. Maybe as the new school secretary, who lied on her CV. Something like..she truanted a whole school year to party abroad on cruises with her rich parent’s and their friends. Her CV is now security checked and she has to confess or be reported to the authorities for giving false information. Her punishment is that she has to go back to finish schooling in this school for a whole year, and to live with and be the ward of the Headmaster. He has to make sure she is disciplined at home too. So ermm..she is in uniform at school and at home, and he chooses a new teenage wardrobe of short skirts and flat shoes for her when she goes out with her new family.

I think this would suit me because I could just be myself all the time, but act older as the snobby school Secretary to start with. I hope I get to do this and some films again, my mind is racing!!

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