Texas All State Spanking Party (TASSP) 2018

I had a great time at TASSP but have decided I’m not going to any more parties.
Since my first party I have kept an open mind, tried new things, changed my approach (thanks Uniformed Tops for being the only time I have or will ask a man to spank me!) and even joined in group bratting and scene setting, which was seriously fun to be included in for a while. All these things I did because I’m curious, and it’s maybe the only way in to making new friends in well established groups, particularly when I’m the foreigner.

I hope people who met me for the first time and those who know me well can see I’m a fun happy and pretty normal, but manic and a bit scatty, well adjusted girl who loves people. Connections, hugs and smiles and honesty mean everything to me, and I am very perceptive and even psychic so anything that is not genuine I can sense and be aware of so I see through any fakery, I always have and have had to. I don’t take sides but I find myself put on a side even when I am not in the same game and completely oblivious as to why or what went on or what I did wrong. But I can take that, I’m used to people not knowing facts or speaking to me first but judging me on heresay, so it’s like forever being convicted for things I never did. I don’t care a jot to be popular or anyone’s favourite ‘spankee’, and I refuse to join bandwagons, or bands of raging loud feminists who hate men and are seeking superiority and not just equal rights, and to condition everybody to be accepting of everything in their face, even if they have a personal preference and valid personal reasons. These are not my kinda people at all.

I plan to come to the US often anyway, and if I’m invited to spend quality time really getting to know someone or invited to small gatherings where people will actually know I’m there and want to see me personally, then I will be there. I never ask, i will never stand in a line for any ‘Doctor Spankos’ fix-me surgeries and I’m not just any girl, and I like men to be more discerning, simple. I don’t do men who are not inherently dominant.

Anyway, the sounding out above has come over many parties over many years but there are patterns to parties, they are that predictable and consistent. But I have always known they are not for me because:

  1. I know what’s going to happen. I hate knowing what will happen
  2. Things are timebound and public. I hate timebound and public, I roll with improvisation and spontaneity.
  3. I’m not good at small talk, I like real talk.
  4. Most people are already coupled up and the kind of men I seem to connect with so far in my submissive life are non scene players, hate parties and would never go to one.
  5. Without a reason to spank me I don’t see the point in it. Since I don’t do play or ‘funishment’ or deliberate bratting to get spanked by strangers who have a string of others doing the same thing, it is a waste of my time as a princess.
  6. I don’t like being spanked in front of lots of people. It’s not because I don’t have a nice bottom or “beautiful” vagina (someone used that word once and said it was the most beautiful he had seen), but just I prefer to be more private 1 on 1 with someone when it matters more, like discipline and of course in my personal relationships. Some things matter to me.

Parties are fantastic for new people. Parties are brilliant if you belong to a group who is like family and there for each other online and at other parties. Parties are great to get a fix you can’t get anywhere else, and parties are good to see how things are done by others if you need to learn how to be a player.

Parties for me were great for hello’s, but now the party’s over. Thanks everyone!

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