I Quit

I have decided finally, to quit as a spanking model. I have had such a good time and many happy returns, but I am ready to close this final professional chapter to get on with the rest of my life now and find what I really want and be happy. It’s been a gas, it’s been a ball but I no longer want to run away back to it, and hide away every time I need a crutch to make me feel special and wanted again. That was artificial, my life and what I think of myself is worth much more than that. I should be proud enough to say “I did it all”, but I am just happy enough now to say the actress has left the theatre and the show will go on. My work will always be out there and I will secretly always smile to myself 🙂

ps: I am not leaving Fetlife or turning vanilla (that will never happen unless my mind and body shuts down), I’m just going back to being a regular teenager again 🙂

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