20 something things about me

So my profile has always been too long, and it was recommended to me to do some writings and link to them if anyone wants to know more about me.

Here goes….

  • I’m 5ft 7, size 12-14 (UK)/ 8-10 (US) and my BMI is normal in the average/middle of the range
  • I have 2 Professional business Diplomas
  • I have appeared as a spanking model for some well known websites and was called a celebrity many times, which made me smile. I’ve had long breaks but never officially retired so who knows!
  • I also have a Professional Diploma in Acting, and I also lived in Manhattan, New York for two months in 2011 as a student on an intensive ‘Acting for Film’ course. I cried for a whole week when I left New York, I felt like a local and was giving traffic directions to tourists by the time I left. I refused to reset my alarm clock and date to UK time zone
  • My taxi back to JFK for my flight back to the UK was late so my school hired me a Limo at 9PM. I had been sitting on the steps waiting for two hours and it was no fun having a warm limo all to myself and crying all the way home 😦
  • I studied Method Acting and Improvisation with some of the world’s leading teachers and have appeared on stage in Theatre and in some low budget films
  • I love Lisbon and have walked miles in the city and know my way around, and will go as often as I can
  • I am a Singer/Songwriter and play guitar and piano and have a desktop studio at home and I make and produce my own albums and videos. I have made four albums so far
  • I have been in bands before I was a solo singer and played lots of gigs
  • I love poster art and my newish apartment is full of recently bought carefully selected art that I relate to
  • I have had a Daddy in Australia once, and have had scene boyfriends who lived in France and Spain every other month, so I can never be accused of not making an effort to travel miles and live out of a suitcase
  • I’m a Taurean and very typical of my birth sign. Read up on Taurus Women if you want to already know me pretty well
  • I really do need 9 hours sleep to be at my best, strangely similar to a real age ‘Middle’ but procrastination gets in the way
  • I like lots of little things, my room is pink and full of stuffies, coloring books and toys and I hate it when big life gets in the way and I don’t have enough time to play
  • I am about one eighth Irish and one eighth Indian, but my ancestors on both sides of my parentage were from Ireland so that is at my core. I have to go to Ireland one day and see what we have in common
  • I am learning piano and taking my ABRSM grades and have a weekly lesson. I’m on Grade 2 right now and should practice a lot more than I do. I never liked Classical music much but I love it now through playing them on piano
  • I can speak basic French and am learning that again for when I next go, it is one of my tasks
  • I like French wine best (Chateauneuf du Pape reds, Chablis and Sancerre whites). I visited the Chateauneuf du Pape vineyards in Avignon and did the wine tasting. I love Avignon and the south of France. I don’t drink much alcohol at all, just a glass with a meal when I’m supervised as it goes to my head
  • I like Mexican, Italian, French, Chinese and British/American foods. Although I have some Indian blood I don’t like curry or any of the dishes. I have tried it twice and given it up as a bad thing, even after a mild chicken korma. I love all fruits and eat a banana and apple every day
  • I have been taking cod liver oil tablets since I was 16 and I think it helps my skin
  • I collect Starbucks Grande mugs from around the world when I travel or friends get me one. If anyone wants to get me one from their city i will start an Amazon wish list 🙂
  • I hate coleslaw, quiche, milk puddings (rice pudding, custard and semolina etc), couscous, celery, and mussels and whelks and haggis…plus more I can’t think of now
  • I like running, and my fastest mile in the last 5 years is 8:25 but I tend to run 5k (3.11 miles) in around 30 minutes.
  • I was diagnosed with GERD in 2016 so I had to give up caffeine, oranges and citrus fruits, dairy, spicy foods, fizzy drinks, and some others, as my throat and voice were affected for years before I was diagnosed. I am having hospital treatment now and it is much better and livable, but it is chronic and will not go completely without surgery.
  • I am straight so I’m naturally attracted to men, but I am very occasionally attracted to girls. I’m not brave enough to say or do anything first but I admit to wanting to snog one or two girls! I remember once saying to a friend that “I don’t fancy girls at all…just you”. There is something about her that I connect with, I think it was her confidence and letting her spank my bottom which was so hot (which is rare), but it happens now and then and it doesn’t mean I’m bisexual and I have no idea what to do about it anyway if I am bi-curious!

Anything else is none of your business at this stage, like anyone else 🙂

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