On being ‘Lucky’, you are beautiful

I don’t write much but I have to say something about something I read a lot about in here, body shaming and size. I love people and I tell them that regardless of whether they think they need to lose some weight because they want to, or because they are happy and settled as they are. Beauty is from within and faces are lovely and unique and beautiful, minds are beautiful too far more than bodies.

However, I put on 10lbs since last year when Mr B died and was ill for three months after that. I could have given up and sat on my bottom continuing to eat the wrong things and not exercise but I got help. Ultimately though I do it for myself because i was tired of getting breathless and being slowed down by excess weight I never had in the previous 15 years. There is no ‘ luck’ about any of it except you need willpower and to count in and out all you do and a Fitbit helps but you have to go crazy sweating and running (I run 5k four times a week) and having good posture, that what my mama has been nagging me most about!. I have lost 8lbs in four weeks so far and I have not starved myself and I work in an office 5 days a week but deliberately park my car a mile and a half away even though I have a parking spot, so I can collect it every lunchtime and walk more. It is unfortunate for those who have other illnesses or disabilities and really cannot stop weight gain whatever they do, that is understandable horrid bad luck, but outside of that it is up to ourselves how we want to be and look and feel and it is clear what things are not good to eat. It’s hard work every single day, but feeling good never came easy to me.

I am not ready for a boyfriend right now, I have parents who care about me so I’m not doing anything for attention, just to make them proud of me. I am happier finally loving myself and i don’t care who thinks what in here about me, and I am very happy and busy so I don’t need to waste my time writing when I should be out there in the sun doing. I wish I was curvy and God didn’t give me a teenage mind and body, but it kinda helped me get into real age 14-16 school uniforms easier and a career in films. What I do care about is people being so worried about competing when we should just make friends and take and love people as they are. If someone makes an effort and is proud to shout about it then let them and be very pleased for them, don’t be jealous or say they are lucky. We can all improve ourselves in some way and should cheer whatever it is, mentally or physically. I have zero time for negative people, moaners or spongers who just want to talk about their bad luck from years gone by and continue to wallow, and put others down who are doing something about it. There are some nasty and jealous sad people in here, never let them drag you down, you are beautiful đŸ™‚

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