I had a great time again at BBW 2017. This is what I wrote in Fetlife:

This was a brilliant weekend and i had so much fun! I’m in a different place now after a sad last year and some times before where I got too involved in the wrong situations that completely messed with my head, so this was about having fun again at parties like I used to, and not being sulky and too hard on myself. Thanks to my SSNY family for making it special and always welcoming me back with the biggest smiles and hugs.

The Boardwalk Academy was a highlight, but seeing as I haven’t left school yet it was like a normal day but the lessons were so real. I was genuinely disappointed with myself for letting myself down and rushing my packing and forgetting my Catholic uniform that I always wear. Sister Miranda told me off and the look on her face was so real to me and I’m sorry and will bring it next time. I loved all of the classes and actually learned things too and was proud to sing and say prayers and take the plead of allegience with everyone.

I loved the Uniformed tops again and wanted to play with as many people as I could to make everyone feel included and it was wonderful, and I had some great connections I didn’t imagine having before.

To my closest friends there you know I miss you and have always hated the geography in our lives but it always feels we are close and are never far apart. Thanks to those I played with in the suites and special thanks to those who know who they are, and I can’t wait to see again and can see good times ahead and who knows where life will lead us. I’m just so happy to be back feeling like it’s the first time again and my mind is free and happy and anything is possible again!
Biggest loves and huggles xoxo