2016, the year that sucked

I’ve not been much fun in here lately because I’ve been so busy since;
my husband passed away in September after two months in hospital, and I had to sell the house, move home and furnish my brand new rented flat and arrange all the funeral stuff. Watching someone you love slowly die every day you visit was the hardest thing for anyone, and even worse for a little girl as he was my rock. He wasn’t my Daddy or anything but he was like a grandparent and was my rock and my whole family and I miss him so much and will love him forever.

These are the three most stressful things you can do in life and I had to do them all together and in parallel which nearly totally broke me all up. My immune system was shot to bits so I’ve had three viruses that I would normally have fought off but I was completed vulnerable and exhausted mentally and physically. I’m so lucky to have some great friends who were there for me and once I’m out of bed with my latest virus I am determined to have a happy 2017. Anyway, I just wanted you to know.

Now is anyone with me on ‘2016, the year that sucked’?

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