Just a note to update my scene friends seeing as i’m posting vanilla updates to family and friends. Mr Bishop (my significant other Michael, aka MtheGM..but is not on Fetlife) had a heart attack 6 weeks ago and is not able to be mended so they are looking at short term care which could be weeks or months, it’s uncertain. I’ve been totally in bits and through every emotion possible so far. Not knowing, having hope and then despair has been hard to deal with but now i know for sure that we have limited time so I’m doing my best to be there every day and hold hands and just give my love.

I popped back in here because if helps take my mind off this and to remember I need to not lose myself in all of this. I want to get back to the happy little girl I was before, and I’m preparing for and getting used to how my new life will be before we met but it’s gonna be hellish for a while i know that. Thanks for all the kind wishes and ideas and love and I’m taking one day at a time.