Nothing is “up” with Princess Emma

I just saw a question in a group I belong to and wanted to write about it here. I’ve had an epiphany, a true realisation, and really do feel it was all meant to be this way like a birthright. This was the post:
What’s up with princesses?

“Some girls identify as princesses, and I’m wondering what they get out of it? And what would their romantic partners get out of it? I’m wondering what the real vibe of the dynamic is, because I’m pretty sure my mental map is wrong. When I think princess, I think spoiled rotten… and that’s just not the type of person I’d want in my life. Maybe other people like spoiled rotten, but I kinda doubt it. So what’s the real deal?”

I was renamed Princess Emma by an ex Daddy and it was a huge surprise because I never felt worthy enough to be one, despite spending my whole life as a model living by high standards for myself, and never being tacky in my work or pictures or undignified in my writings about people. Of course showing my bottom is tacky and not how a princess should act publicly but it was ‘acting’ a role, I’m a trained professional actress and it is no different to a sexy love scene to me; performing a part or fantasy for someone professionally. I never stripped (apart from in one very short relevant spanking scene on film) and I never performed any sexual acts with anyone or even simulated it. I worked hard to be professional and discreet and the type of girl people may trust and value as a friend.

When he named me as a princess I just saw it as any other name he could have given me, like it was just to claim me into his family, because my sister was a princess too. I remember giggling and thinking it all very grown up to be called a princess and I didn’t truly believe in it then, it still is grown up to a middle. I guess though to lots of people in the ‘scene’ princesses are boring and no fun and are not desperate to run loose, swing, or break bread with any old Joe, so this is perhaps not really the best place to write from my ivory tower, but a Prince would understand.

Since I am a princess I’ve grown into it, so “getting something out of it” is because I earned the title in someone else’s eyes. That’s the best type of compliment, so I have tried harder to be even more worthy to my friends and remember my title since I have a duty to act like a princess.

My first boyfriend in the scene called me ‘Princess’ from our first date in Paris where he gave me my first taste of Kir Royale. Whenever he picked me up from the airport we would go to the same restaurant and each time I had Kir. I didn’t understand it then and thought it was fizzy pop like cola and he was just trying to make me feel welcome there where he lived, but maybe he knew something I didn’t understand then even though I always dressed like a princess. That was 8 years ago but I can see that now, I realise.

I do say, half jokingly, “I’m a Princess” in real life too, and the people in my vanilla life seem to accept that I am in some way so they humor me I guess, but to me I know I am worthy now. So even if I leave Fetlife and never have another kinky thought in my entire life, I’m a princess for the rest of my life now.

If someone has to ask the question
“What’s up with Princesses” then they are not a Prince. A Prince can always tell a princess and will treat her like one.

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