Today is the first day of moving on.
Today I can write what I want and not have to second guess myself anymore.
Today I can find the person I was before I got too embroiled.
Today I can play music and write songs with a wry smile and no regret.
Today I can be glad I stayed true to myself and glad I did my best.
Today I can control my urges and start to be rational with my time.
Today I can say it’s not about anyone else but me from now on.
Today I can be the fun loving person I once was without looking back over my shoulder at the rest of the field.
Today I can stop hurting myself or letting others hurt me to feel good enough.
Today I can look at myself and believe I’m awesome, that is enough đŸ™‚
Today I’m glad I got this out.

What may be ‘drama’ to a quick fix thrill seeker who just wants the easy bits is reality to many. What is a game to many is a raison d’Ăªtre to a few. I will never say sorry for being real about my feelings and submissiveness in an unreal world. I will never say sorry for not being grown up enough yet to understand how it all works.

Today I am back. Today is a good day and I will be happier now.

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