Today is the first day of moving on.
Today I can write what I want and not have to second guess myself anymore.
Today I can find the person I was before I got too embroiled.
Today I can play music and write songs with a wry smile and no regret.
Today I can be glad I stayed true to myself and glad I did my best.
Today I can control my urges and start to be rational with my time.
Today I can say it’s not about anyone else but me from now on.
Today I can be the fun loving person I once was without looking back over my shoulder at the rest of the field.
Today I can stop hurting myself or letting others hurt me to feel good enough.
Today I can look at myself and believe I’m awesome, that is enough 🙂
Today I’m glad I got this out.

What may be ‘drama’ to a quick fix thrill seeker who just wants the easy bits is reality to many. What is a game to many is a raison d’être to a few. I will never say sorry for being real about my feelings and submissiveness in an unreal world. I will never say sorry for not being grown up enough yet to understand how it all works.

Today I am back. Today is a good day and I will be happier now.

The Submissive Test – “What Kind of Submissive Are You?”

The Little Submissive 96.67%
The Pseudo Submissive 60%
The Domestic Submissive 40%
The Novice Submissive 20%
The Kajira Sub/Slave 10%
The Pet Submissive 8%
The Warrior Princess Submissive 8%
The Acolyte Submissive 4%
The Brat Submissive 0%
The Cow/Pig Submissive 0%
The Painslut Submissive 0%

The Little Submissive

Usually referred to as a Babygirl, this submissive finds great joy embracing her inner child. In some relationships, there is an age play involved that consists of behaving, speaking, dressing in a child-like manner, and engaging in child appropriate activities. It may or may not involve sex and other adult related themes. In other relationships, age play isn’t necessarily a factor so much as this submissive having an innocence about her that is very child-like. Daddy Dom/Little relationship dynamics, generally, have nothing to do with pedophilia.

Littles can often be hard-wired, as opposed to roleplaying. The majority of Little subs are perfectly capable of slipping in and out of the role of innocent waif as needed and proper, both in and out of the bedroom.

This relationship dynamic has its downsides. Such as rewarding childish behavior and placing more emphasis on cuteness than common sense. On the positive side, however, the Daddy Dom/Babygirl relationship is one that is heavily involved with training, molding, and guidance. The Daddy Dom takes care of his Babygirl’s needs in every way, makes decisions, and treats her as his princess.

What’s new? 🙂 no idea what a Cow/Pig or Acolyte is or a Pseudo thingy or many of the other BDSM things are all way too grown up and weird. But this is what I got anyway!