The Elephant in the Room

I’m reading all sorts of posts about inclusion and acceptance. I think if you see YOURSELF as the Elephant in the room then you always will be. Some people forever love to hold onto the Elephant label and telling the world they are or how much shit they have overcome in their lives or how different they are.
It makes them feel included, or provocative, or contentious, or notorious, and gets them an army of bandwagon jumpers or ‘likers’ wanting to congratulate them, or say they touched or know Exhibit A.

Some people who are not even Elephants at all, glorify being an Elephant because it’s fun to put the big pink suit on and bounce around for a day. It’s a bit like pretending to be a ‘Dom’ or a ‘sub’…. but don’t get me started on that!

Adopting any label to feel validated, or settling for one because others tell you that’s what you are, is ridiculous and attention seeking at best. Only you know who and what you are, or what the label or relationship means in your heart and head. Whether you are younger/older, fairer/darker, boy/girl/unsure, bigger/smaller, prettier/less prettier…. you don’t have to be the Elephant in the room.

When you have truly been in the wars, and there were never any real Elephants to begin with, just coughs and colds and hiccups in life, you never want to talk about it again.

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