Banned from Skyping with strangers and going online after bedtime

I was very upset the other day when I allowed someone I didn’t know, to have my Skype ID and ended up chatting to him until 3 o’ clock in the morning. I had gone to bed on time as Daddy said which is in my own rules, but I forgot to turn my phone onto mute. A message woke me up and I couldn’t sleep and was bored so I went online and chatted to some of my friends I knew, but got into a chat with someone I had added but never met or knew much about. I am usually very careful who I add as a friend and should have checked out more of the person’s interests because they were far too adult and explicit for me, and our conversation ended up in an embarrassing situation which upset me. I didn’t want to text Daddy as it was stupid o’clock and could wait until the morning but I found it hard to get back to sleep, as I had been silly and was mad at myself.

I told my Daddy in the morning and he calmly said he wasn’t mad at me but angry at the man that I was being groomed and told me to block the person which I did. He was not happy with me for going online after bedtime when I could easily have read a book or watched some TV if I really could not sleep, because I had put myself in danger. I cried a lot on the phone, I was genuinely upset when I told him because I felt like I had let myself down again. I didn’t do anything rude but had to see things in my face I did not want to and I thought it was my fault.  Daddy said if he were there right now he would have put me across his knee, taken down my knickers down and given me a very hard spanking I wouldn’t forget. But he wanted to come over and give me a big hug too, because I was crying and shaking like a leaf on the phone when I told him.

Anyway Daddy wanted to see me sooner rather than later to deal with this, and I also had other things on my list that he wanted to “chat” about at the same time. These were the things we had to “discuss” he said:

a) I teased Daddy that I could take 100 spanks with the spank stick and 100 with the stingy shoe horn. Teasing is naughty and he said he will teach me a lesson about this for showing off. Daddy decides what I will have always and is fair and careful so I learn a lesson, and it was naughty of me and I am lucky he didn’t actually give me all of this too!
b) “You got up an hour and a half late?! Did you set an alarm Emma? It’s not a very good start to your new routine, is it? Please note that you overslept on the first morning of your new routine”.

and the main one was

c) Going online in chat until 3 pm and getting involved in a Skype video conversation I should not have. Daddy said he is going to spank me for this so I will never think about doing it again and will be safe.

After a severe spanking across his knee I had a very hard caning, the wooden paddle, leather domestic discipline strap, and a hard slippering as well as other implements. I also had a few more hard spankings over his knee and corner times. I was tearful again and will never do this again, it really hurt and I am as hurt that I was so stupid. Daddy says I was naive, but only because I am immature and did not think it all through and rushed into chatting. He explained it all to me and I understand better now and will stay away from this, and I must tell my Daddy where I am and what I am doing at all times so he knows I am safe. This is one of my rules anyway and we are in touch every day about it too.

I am banned from Skyping with anyone new without Daddy’s permission, and adding friends I do not know who are not already known to my friends. If I am not sure I will tell Daddy and he will decide.  I can chat online to anybody who is already a friend and I have met or is known to my friends, I love chatting about all sorts of things, including spanking (lol) but not when they start taking their clothes off on camera and want me to take mine off too, that is sex and rude and insults me when I hardly know people and we have never even dated and don’t have any kind of relationship. I have my Daddy to look after me now and am very happy he is and I will tell him everything. My bottom was sore in the evening when I went to bed and the next morning so I will remember this and Daddy knows how sorry I am, but I know he punishes me because he loves me and is looking after me and wants me to be his good safe babygirl.

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