Good Girl rewards after Bad Girl spankings

It’s a good time right now because not only am I have piano lessons and getting good girl rewards, and am very busy with my normal career, but I am talking to a some people about being in films again later this year. It was not something I had planned and thought about but I was asked so it would be good fun to see how far I may have come in the past few years. You know me though, I love going into new territory and testing myself so it will be interesting to see what scenarios we come up with.

I have a mark on my bottom from the tip of a prison strap which was another unfortunate accident, but it is healing and fading and just looks worse than it is, nevertheless it is a consequence of playing too hard sometimes. I have re-set my limits and am more careful now about what I do in ‘play’ sessions professionally so I keep it to the levels most other girls would play at so I am told.  I am not obliged to do any more than that on this basis of agreement. I always try to make every session as real as it can be so I have to fight against myself sometimes. As a spanking model I have to be focused in role, but as a babygirl submissive and pretty immature and growing girl I have made mistakes with reality. Having had some serious accountability spankings for letting myself down though I hope I can behave better from now on and continue to have great fun with some lovely people.

I’m hoping to go back to the US in December too to another party and see my friends so I will be in touch with a few people out there to hopefully set up some additional fun times while I’m there.

Here are some pictures from my recent spanking from Mr W and a couple from an earlier session elsewhere. I had a 12 stroke caning from Mr W as well as spankings, domestic discipline straps, hairbrushes and the plastic shoe horn that seems to be well suited so I’m told. Once again I was left feeling sorry for myself in the corner. There is a big flat paddle that is always used but this time I had it when I was over his knee and it just meant that I got more strokes like a spanking, but as it is so big it covers all of my bottom and it is very stingy and quickly made my bottom very red and sore. I had a few things on my accountability list, like skipping bedtimes and missing piano practice and not admitting to it, but I did get some gold bear Haribo candies though for learning some new piano pieces. I love having good girl rewards like that too. I have wanted to learn since I was little and am learning to sight read too so it will all help make me a more rounded student in the classroom 🙂

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