Boardwalk Badness Weekend 2014: Spanking the Mad Men in Uniforms with no holds barred: Part 3 ( of 4 Parts)

Saturday 26th April 2014

Saturday morning, and all of my roomies were up first and getting ready early as they were going to the Boardwalk Academy for Girls. I originally had my name down very early to go to the school and was on the list to attend, but I (stupidly) changed my mind because I thought I wouldn’t know anybody and be quite lonely. You would have to know me quite well and a bit about the past year or so of events I went through in order to know how I was feeling when I made the decision not to go. Until I went to BBW this year I was mightily flaky and down on myself for months. I was bullied in school and that left me with a lot of issues about fitting in that have taken me most of my life to get over. I hadn’t arranged to room with Pandie, Emrys and Bertha at the time I was accepted by the school, but they kindly came to my rescue when my original roomie had to cancel. When I saw them all excited about the school and had read about it being taken more seriously than the early bratting lively posts on the thread from pupils had indicated, I felt sad that I changed my mind, but wished them so much fun and was happy for them. They all looked so brilliant but kept their own unique identities in their school uniforms. I’ve been to lots of very serious adult schools and it means a lot to me to do well and take it seriously as I missed out so much on real school and it fills in a lot of gaps for me in my mental timeline, so it is highly emotional and special to me to go and being accepted means everything. I care less about being spanked there, in fact I would happily go and never be spanked at all (although it adds to it of course if it happens naturally) because I try and do well and please people and myself. This time I had been accepted with open arms and made to feel very welcome, but I looked at the list of attendees at the time and thought I would feel left out as they all know each other and had a common bratty banter going on that I do not do, and that made me think I would feel as lonely and sad as I did in real school once and I didn’t want to face that again feeling it is still too vivid to me. I am no good at bratting online and when I do brat it is usually in real life when I just react spontaneously I get spanked sometimes by my real life reactions to what I see around me, so it is genuine and not contrived to get me a sexy spanking…although I save that for in private with friends or partners!

The only class I liked in my real school was Business Studies where I also learned to touch type. We had this Dragon of a teacher Miss Stevens and had to sit up straight in our swivel typing chairs with our knees together and learn the etiquette of being secretaries. I’m so grateful to her now for helping me with my posture, even though at 14 to 16 years old I had no idea I would be a model one day too, I was just surviving day to day and coming to terms with being different and I was too young and afraid to explain that to anybody, though I have talked it all through with consultant psychiatrists a few years ago and they made sense of it all for me and it explained my lack of maturity. I was already fragile coming back to BBW again and I didn’t want to ruin things for myself or anybody else by being boring and shy and un-confident within the class. I would definitely have gone with my roomies if I knew they were all going to be with me, and I felt as happy as I am again now, it was just the timing and I was too hasty in changing my mind and giving up my place and I am sorry I did. I regret that now because they all had a wonderful time and it was taken so seriously and real by the staff and I know I would have loved it. But hey-ho, next year I’m definitely going, assuming I can get in after such a great success!

I had brought my school uniform to BBW anyway, just because it is still a huge part of my identity and I feel most at home wearing it, and anyway I had no idea who wanted to spank a schoolgirl this year either! I decided to wear it to the ‘Uniformed Tops’ event in the afternoon. This is the event where the girls sit in the rows of chairs in the audience area and a parade of gorgeous men in uniforms are led to the stage. When it begins we have to rush up to the stage and select one of them to spank us. We leave the stage and go to a corner down of the ballroom floor and get spanked for about 2 minutes by our chosen top, assuming we are looking to compete for the prize. We then both go back to the stage area and it begins again with choosing our next ‘victim’ to spank us. Last year I won because I got spanked by 14 different uniformed men, but this year there was an actual prize of free entry to next years event, so a lot more of the girls were looking to compete. Mike Tanner, the organiser had said there were no rules this year, so I took that to mean it was similar to last year and I just had to be very fit and energetic and see how many men I could fit into the time limit. I ended up with 21 and felt pleased that I had done quite well and much better than last year. I did not mind that I did not win, the taking part really was wonderful, but I was astonished and rather disappointed that the two joint ‘winners’ who both had over 30 men had grabbed more than one ‘top’ at a time. Great use of initiative, so I can’t complain that they broke the rules because there were none, but I am British and we tend to believe in gentle-persons conduct and play by Marquis of Queensberry rules 🙂 I wouldn’t have won this year anyway because another girl got 23 without resorting to using up less energy and finding an easier way to victory, so in my mind she was the moral winner, but good luck to the girls who were brave and imaginative enough to win by their own pre-planned ‘rules’ :). I got to play with some uniformed tops I had read about anyway, but when I met them in the flesh I secretly swooned a little and could have stayed with them for much longer than the two minutes we had….but I’m a girl I keep that to myself and would die with red faced embarrassment if they knew how hot I really felt being spanked by them! 🙂 I am never the type to ever ask a man to dance (spank me), that is his job if he is a Dom and if he chooses to ask me first, but I am glad the Uniformed Tops gave me the chance to check out some of the runners and riders, I was soooo not disappointed!!

After that there was popcorn and a spanking movie and I went along to see the fun films made by the organisers. I particularly went to support Pandie in a film she made with Mike Tanner. She was wonderful and I was so proud that this starlet was one of my roomies at BBW 🙂  There is always a lot of work put into the films and they touch on themes we all see, write and read about in the Fetlife site, so it is good they can poke fun at characterising the types of people we are.

It was a lovely warm sunny day and me, Pandie, Bertha and Emrys then got changed into shorts and skimpies and went on the beach. We took some fun photos of us all sitting on one small towel and had a laugh trying to get others inside the hotel by looking up at the glass ceiling!

The main event in the evening was the dinner/dance in the ballroom, which is rather like our prom night. The theme was ‘Mad Men’, based on the popular US TV drama…which I love anyway, so was back to the late 50’s and early 60’s fashion. It was great to get ready together in our room and help each other choose what to wear where we were undecided, and share things we forgot to bring or wanted to add to enhance our look. I decided to wear my princess tiara which was a great personal gift I will always treasure from my relationship in Australia with my former ‘Daddy’ and ‘Sister’. We many not be ‘friends’ anymore; and that was my choice to make it easier not to see them in my face in my online feed anymore but I will always have good memories of the days where we got on best and exchanged gifts. Good people are good people, regardless of how they saw me and what they thought about my part in events, so I will never have a bad word to say. It was just something I tried but it didn’t work out and I made a mess of it all and myself afterwards, I was just not mature enough to deal with the situation. It was nobody’s fault but my own and I wish them both well from afar and mean it.

I decided to wear a black long sleeved dress I brought with me to the Mad Men event rather than the blue polka dot one. When one of the girls said it was very ‘Jackie Kennedy’ I felt that meant it was frumpish, but when I saw it on me and felt it looked OK and suited me and I felt like a real princess in my tiara I was glad I chose it for that event. I wanted to try and look and act grown up just for one night. Pandie, Emrys and Bertha looked lovely and we took some group pictures for our photo collections. I am only not posting their faces here because I am always conscious of protecting the privacy of other people who may not want to be included in my gallery. The meal was really nice at the event and I only played once there, when I was taken to the tented area and spanked pretty nicely by a certain gentleman I had already met before, and it was hot and sensual too :). Once again, after the party there was play in the party suites and I managed to get some good spankings again and a nice red hot bottom from a man with straps!

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