Boardwalk Badness Weekend 2014: Great spankings and all the fun at the fair: Part 2 (of 4 parts)

Friday 25th April 2014

I had a long lie in and woke up at 11am as I was very tired, and I had a nice hot shower and relaxed. I went along to the Newbies/Registration in the afternoon and met up with someone who asked me if I wanted to play with him. We had gotten on really well chatting and as I left to go with him I noticed he picked up a huge bag of ‘toys’ to bring with him and was thinking “OMG, I just wanted a hand spanking and now you are bringing a heavy artillery toolbag?!”. We went to his room and I met his lovely partner who had a similar mountain of clothes on their bed to sort out and was organising an event, so we decided to go to my room as it was free and just a bit tidier! In short, I had a great time, he spanked me really well and gently tried implements (that I asked to look at first) and I was surprised and pleased with myself that my levels were still there and I could take it and most of all totally enjoy it all. I told him what I liked, he asked me and tried things that I loved and he knows me now and I will keep that to myself and give our great play session the privacy and respect it deserves. I saw him again a few times and we had good chemistry and I love his humour he makes me laugh every time, so I am glad we are friends now, plus his partner is cool too.

The evening came quickly and it was the Vendor’s Fair next. I wore this flimsy brown with white polka dot 1940’s/50’s style dress and was asked to be a demo bunny by one of the sellers on their leather implements stall so I took a few swats and hopefully helped to sell some of his products. It was fun and I had a great time. I went back to my room afterwards and got changed into a short flared maroon skater skirt as it was more comfortable and would be better for the rest of the evening’s play. I met up with a friend I made last year who was in the US combining a business trip with his debut BBW party, and it was good to see him again. We had played together last year at a party he runs and been friends online since around 2008 so it was a highlight of my whole spanking life when we eventually met and got on so well and I really like him a lot. The suite party that night was officially due to start at 12.00 midnight after the Vendor’s fair but one of the hosts said their room would be open on the floor upstairs and we could go in and play. When we go there the whole suite was empty so we were able to find a great spot in the main room and I was soon over his knee for a spanking. He only spanks mainly, it is what he is great at, plus it is my favourite thing too when it feels right, so I ended up having five (I think) long rounds of being spanked over his knee with just his hand and spells of corner time with my hands behind my back and bare bottom on display. A few people began to wander in and out after 40 minutes or so and one guy I did not know sat near to us and commented too much for my liking. He was talking to me during my private corner time after my spanking when I was still emotional and in a trance, which is really against the protocol and party rules to invade our play space, but I have not made an official issue of it. I can take it, I am supposedly a ‘professional’ so people do all sorts of things to me I don’t always like and my feelings don’t matter to them always, but I hope most of all it did not spoil it for the Mister who spanked me. I had the most brilliant spankings ever in the most perfect way for me personally and it is right up there on my all time list and I wish we were nearer and he could spank me every day 🙂 I was in dreamland, the whole scene, dialogue and tears I cried were real and I will never forget it in my entire life, I cannot say anything more than that, it was heaven in all perfect ways and we played for at least an hour, just spanking and corner time. I regret not taking any private pictures, my bottom was a perfect bright red for a change and I think the smile on my face would have also been a picture!

I went back to my room afterwards and was so tired I got changed into my pyjamas. I came back upstairs to the party and had a great play session in one of the bedrooms with a friend from the UK who I had lunch with a few times last year but we had never played. It was really good and he was also good with tapping into what I liked and needed so I had a good time as well.

Earlier yesterday I had ran into my long standing spanking model friends @pandorablake and aka ‘Zoe Montana’ who I have known since around 2006/7 when we did a charity run together in London. Pandora has gone on to run her own very successful film company ‘Dreams of Spanking’ so we had a chat about doing something together later this year and I hope we can make it happen, it would be a thrill to work with her. I love Zoe, she is fun and I have always felt friends with her and she is one of the few girls in the world I have ever let spank me, I just have a good feeling with her and she knows that I think 🙂 I saw her in Australia in October too, but sadly didn’t get to hang out together too much, so it was wonderful to see her in the US again at a party. I also had a lovely chat with David Pierson (of ‘Punished Brats’) and even played one of my songs on guitar for him, even though I was so tired and forgot my own lyrics and my voice was shot to bits with dehydration and lack of sleep so God knows how it sounded. I suggest he listens to the record 🙂

I finally went up to bed and my roomies were also there so we had a quick chat before lights out, it was a perfect day and I was growing into BBW again and finding myself again. I was so very confident for many years as Emma Bishop but for the past few years that enthusiasm and love of spanking had been knocked out of me by people, events and having my faith and trust in it destroyed. I went to bed with an even bigger smile tonight and have not felt this good in ages.


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