Boardwalk Badness Weekend 2014: No more Drama: Part 1 (of 4 parts)

One year ago I went to the Boardwalk Badness Spanking party in Atlantic City, which I wrote about in my first four posts in this blog. I loved it so much that I decided to go again, but this year I came back in a much better frame of mind and injury and drama free. This is my diary.

I’m using spanking scene ID names in the ‘Fetlife’ community where I feel it is appropriate to do so. However, I won’t be naming names of anyone I played with (i.e those who spanked my bottom) just in case they are not comfortable with it, so it’s easier to leave everyone out and not cause any possible offence or awkwardness. I realise some of my more popular and well known friends and acquaintances are only too happy to be mentioned, so I apologise to them that I am not. I prefer to be discrete, but the people involved may read into it and know who they are, and if they want to comment and ‘out’ themselves then fine, I am more than happy with that too! I was proud to play with everyone who asked me to, or was asked to by me in the Uniformed Tops Event party game which was a reversal of convention, and totally something I never do šŸ™‚

Thursday 24th April 2014

I landed in Atlantic City at around 3.30pm and was met by another guest who kindly offered me a lift to the hotel as he was passing nearby. It was a nice warm day, the shape of many warm things to come, including people. I remember having a big smile on my face in anticipation of seeing my friends again and hopefully making new ones. Last year I had a nasty infection on my bottom and could only play on one side without serious pain so I was very upset, which made me drink too much and deliberately hurt myself by over playing. I was emotionally wrecked by other circumstances at the time too which made me ill there so I was confined to my room for a while. This time I had stupidly picked at some loose skin a few days before, thinking it was a graze that had healed and I made it bleed. I had visions of it getting infected so I cleaned it up and decided to wear a clear plaster as a precaution. Luckily it healed perfectly and I was able to remove it near the end of my time there. Nevertheless I decided not to have any caning as that usually does damage to any healing areas where I’m unsure, but I had plenty of other flat wood and implements in place of the rod so I was not spared!

When I arrived at the hotel at 5.30 pm I texted Pandie (@Pandemonium), one of my roomies, to see when she was arriving to check in and get the keys. I once again in my usual scatty rush excitable fashion, hurriedly read the arrival time in her text message reply as 6pm. It was acutally 8pm! This meant I had a long wait in the lobby with my luggage after being on a plane for 7 hours and then another two in the car. My good friend @loveotk had already checked in so I was able to go into her room and freshen up and relax which really helped. When @Pandemonium and @DragonEmrys arrived we had the biggest group hug, it was great to see them both after the last time in New York in December. Our other roomie @BerthaMason arrived soon afterwards and I hadn’t met her properly before so it was a chance to make another new friend, which I did pretty soon after we met, we all got on so well together.

The first thing we had to do after unpacking and hanging up our party dresses and things that crease easily, was to go along to the registration event. It’s always a good time to meet and greet friends we haven’t seen for up to a year plus make new ones. A lot more people tend to arrive earlier now, on Thursday instead of Friday, so they get another day’s spanking in which is great! After registering and having something to eat I had time to mingle and chat to people. I was actually eating burger and fries a few times there which I never do at home, but with all the energy and carbs, I needed it as I was burning up most days it didn’t make any difference to my figure, in fact I came home lighter than when I went.

The first play that night was in the party suites from 10pm until 1am and I decided to take it easier this time and pace myself. I decided I would only have hand spankings and no wood, perhaps some mild leather. In the last year or so I have warmed (excuse the pun!) to leather a lot more and I like the sensation and afterglow, and it runs close to having a good OTK hand spanking. Like anything though it depends on so many things, from the skill of the spanker to my mindset on the day. I had a good spanking with a party newbie I had met briefly at the New York party in December. I was tired from the flight so when asked if I wanted to go over his knee with him sitting on a chair, or go to the bedroom, I decided on the bedroom so I could lie across his lap and be more comfortable. It was nice and tingly with the sharp slap in the right places to introduce himself to me and I had a big smile on my face, he has a nice manner. After that he was pretty busy I think so apart from a few social chats we didn’t play again, but I was glad to have made acquaintance with his hand. I only had one glass of wine to drink, and anyway I hardly drink at all nowadays, so I was happy but not stupid like last year when I drank far too much.

I ran into a friend from the UK who I once met at a spanking party and was sent to him to be spanked by my, at the time Dom. I had a great session and remembered it well, so when he asked me if I’d like to play in his room I was thrilled to be asked. I know it’s hard for guys to pluck up the courage sometimes to ask to play, but I definitely think it is the Dom’s/Man’s role to do so. I know that isn’t a popular ideology in feminist culture today, but I am the opposite and am very old fashioned and submissive so it does not feel my place to ever ask a man to dance. It’s not because I’m scared of rejection, it is just all wrong and if somebody is not brave enough to ask me then how the hell can I ever look up to them as potentially being in charge of me for our play, or more if we get on well? I admit I did not always say “Yes” to play when I was asked by some men at BBW (and anywhere else), but that is either because we had played before and we had no play connection, or that I was pacing myself and did not know them at all to trust them at such an early stage, or that they kept pestering me about it and I got fed up. I really don’t like it when a man comes up to me and just says “How about it then” or “Do you fancy playing”, when they have not even told me anything about them. It seems crass and makes me feel cheap and not how I would want to be approached in a vanilla setting. It is not a meat market, I have feelings, I am not there to entertain or be available, I like to be asked so that I feel they want to know me too and not just my bottom. But I still have a proviso that even when I am asked nicely, I may just not want to play with someone…just because, just because I don’t want to, sometimes I can’t say why.

Anyway, I had a nice thorough warm up spanking, which was just perfect. He had a flogger and asked me if I wanted to try it. I was put off once when I had a cat of nine tails flogger thing on my back when I was tied to a book rack and I hated it, it was hard and aggressive like I was being punished when I had not done anything and I could not stand it. This time it was gentle and with a few hard ones that made me catch my breath. They were more thuddy and condensed and left a glow and not a raw or flailing bite so it made me laugh and tingle, so I can see the attraction of the flogger now if it is a good one and used sensually too. I loved it on my bottom, it was wonderful like a spanking with a big bean bag! He said he wanted to cane me by the time I went back, but I was trying to stay away from wood (canes really as I had a plaster) and we never got around to it anyway after that as he is pretty popular, and someone I literally have to look up too…which I love, as I can stand on my toes for a hug :)!

I ran into a really nice couple I had met at BBW last year and again in December and I really like them and being around them. Him (the Daddy of the two) always asks me to play, and I will always agree as he is good with me and it’s fun and I feel safe and he makes me laugh. When we go back to his other half afterwards it’s always nice to brat a bit and tease him and have her on my side, I like them both a lot and call them friends and they give great hugs!

After being awake for 24 hours I went to bed with a big smile and less stressed than I had been for ages. Day one was over and I would sleep and get acclimatised to Atlantic City time. I was looking forward to the next day and already loving the company of my roomies and the pile of clothes on the floor! It was like the best teenage sleepovers all over again!

Good Night…. Part 2 coming soon šŸ™‚

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