Yesterday I reported to Mr W, in an accountability session; where I had a list of things that I had not met and was to be punished for according to the enforcement of rules I have for myself. One of the things I did lately was a repeat offence. I have done the same thing twice since 2012 and been punished for it both times, yet I still find it hard to stay within the lines that are there for my own protection.

The thing I was punished for was that the other day I played with someone at a level way beyond what I had in my own safe rules. I cried for ages about it afterwards at home as I let myself down and put myself out of action with a cut and some marks. I cried before I was spanked just from being told off, and after a pretty firm but not too hard spanking by his standards I ran off his lap and fell to the floor and was crying on the floor, before I finally sat up and he gave me a hug. I carried on crying, I really could not stop myself but he spoke and got my attention and wanted to capture how I was in some photos. He was shocked and he saw me at my most vulnerable. I rarely post pictures of me at my worst and although the lighting is bad, the tears were falling down my face.

I also had other spankings and a dose of the shoe horn and some leather paddles for procrastinating and not practising my piano lessons. It is not long or heavy, but still was enough to sting and make me think, after I was once again left with a sore bottom and some emotional ‘corner’ and thinking time about my behaviour.

Sunday 27th April 2014

Sunday was the last day of the party and the main event is always the Boat Cruise in the evening. Last year I was down to attend but was ill, but after hearing it was freezing cold I was glad I didn’t go. Besides I am no water baby and was unsure how choppy it would be. Luckily it was a calm evening so I’m sure everyone had a whale of a time! 🙂 hee hee

I think we all so tired because we all slept in until almost noon. I got up and saw on my phone the time and was down to go to the ‘Little’s party’ at 2pm which I was really excited about,  so I crept into the bathroom and had a shower. By the time I was out the other girls were waking too, which was just as well because we were all going to the Little’s party anyway.

I decided to wear one of my normal everyday dresses. I always wear dresses and skirts anyway and at no time during the entire BBW event (aside from when I wore my school uniform), did I wear anything that I don’t wear at home most times so I didn’t need to dress up at all for it. I usually wear flat shoes and most times my white ankle socks with a dress, after getting blisters on my toes a lot out walking in Australia and being reminded that I need to wear them.  I do dress up in heels if it’s something like going out to a posh restaurant for dinner or a role play scene where I’m a secretary or French maid or something, or at work where I need to wear an office suit, or just to be sexy for someone whatever!…but at home and casually outdoors I always dress as you see in all my ‘vanilla’ pictures, it is just how I am. It was always so tiring and draining to dress to impress so now I wear what I feel most comfortable in, so I am pretty teenage and ‘little’ like to some I guess in my dress style.

I took three of my teddy bears from the UK with me to the Little’s party (Jemima, Juni and Harriet) and Pandie and Emrys both had their  own stuffies, and I also had Booshki the panda that I had been looking after for Pandie there. I took my coloring books and pencils too and we did some coloring, listened to a story and had fun making a fort in the middle of the room. Somebody had an idea to squirt all the Big’s and teachers and carers with water pistols, so we all got spanked for that but it was fun tunneling our way in and out of the fort through the chairs! I loved being there and for one of the first times I did not have to pretend to act big or try and impress anybody, I could relax and have fun and not care and every big person was so lovely and kind and helpful. When we were packing up after the event I couldn’t find my coloring book. It was one my former Daddy had got for me and posted to my home address from Australia. I cried and panicked and called Miss Chris and she helped find it. Another nice man Mr Wood was really helpful too and nice when I was upset and I liked him but I never saw him again. I was genuinely upset emotionally when I lost my book, it means a lot to me because it was a present at a time that meant a lot. Miss Lisa was very nice and kind too when I was upset, and I loved seeing my UK friends there who I have missed and never spend enough time with. One of my friends who I saw in the UK a while before BBW upset me, when he said my teddy bears are just stuffed toys and I shouldn’t care about them so much and that one Domme he knew used to practice caning on them types of toys. It upset me and I told him I actually hated her now for doing that, but I meant it and it made me angry and I even cried to imagine her being so nasty. I also thought he was teasing me and really did not know or understand me at all and that upset me, but he was just thinking and being like most people do towards me I guess, and he probably thought I was mad or some attention seeking age player. My bears are like family to me and I would never sell them or lose them ever. Nobody realises how much it means to me to have these small things I never had once before, so the Little’s party was one of the best things I went to. I didn’t want to be or care if nobody spanked me or was looking for an excuse to, I just was happy as a bunny to be there that day. I am not a baby ‘little’ type in Fetish or ‘scene’ terms but I have a huge immaturity ‘problem’ (so I was told by someone who never understood) that I  have written about a lot and given up explaining now, but I relate to being an older teenager type still in real life and it is how I am every day just by being myself so it’s a battle. Anyway, sorry to bore anybody, I will get back to the party!

Bertha and Emrys both had to leave today and I was sad. I wished they could have all stayed but they had things to go back to. Bertha left first and we all hugged and I was so glad she was there and became my friend and as I write this I think of her face and miss her. We had a nice chat one day and she said some lovely kind things that I will remember. Later on Emrys had to leave so I helped her with her bags and we said goodbye in the hotel exit area. I really like Emrys, she is warm and genuine and says what she feels and I admire her strength a lot. I had a few tears, as I did when Bertha left but as soon as Emrys went and I walked away I realised she had the room key! I quickly ran back and caught her just in time and got it.

In the late afternoon, I was on my own most of the time as everyone was going to the cruise.  When I went back to the hotel room I tried the key Emrys had given me and it didn’t work. I decided to go to the Landshark restaurant and just had a nice burger and chips and it was a bit cold but I couldn’t get into the room to get a jacket. A few hours later I saw Pandie and she had the other key and let me in. She said the key I had was cancelled as there was a lost one, so I guess that was it, panic over!

Later in the evening was the final chance to play in the suites, but it was an earlier night as I had to go home the next day. I had an awesome spanking from one of my bestest female friends (which is a rare thing for me to be spanked by another girl, when its not in a film) but I feel particularly close to her and we have been friends for years but seem to keep passing like ships in the night, and I admit making the most pathetic excuses to stay away from her in the past and I regret not being there. There is just something about her that totally gets to me and draws me in I cannot explain why, but I miss her.  I also had a wonderful spanking and bath brushing from someone I actually asked to play with, which was a first! I was feeling low and upset as I had also lost an earring, which amazingly turned up on the table in his suite when I was there later, so when he said “yes” to taking me back there and spanking me I was made up. He never saw my crossed fingers behind my back when I asked him and held my breath! It was wonderful and special and he knew how to deal with me perfectly in that moment. I loved it afterwards when I thought about it happening, even though at the time it hurt in the real way I need, but he dealt with it.

The following day (Monday) I flew back and my friend Cindy kindly offered to drop me off at the airport, which meant I got to spend a whole day at her house beforehand. It was wonderful to be with such a good friend on such an emotional final day and not have to sit for 8 hours alone in an airport which is very lonely. We said goodbye at the airport and I cried most of the way home. BBW was more special this year and I will never forget it, but I came back happier than I had been in a long time.

Thanks to everybody who included me, made me feel welcome, became a new friend, shared skittles and poptarts with me, or indulged or humored me when I was not always at my best. I am sorry If I upset anybody by not saying ‘yes’ to playing with them again after last year, but that is because I am more aware of myself and my reasons for doing things (like ‘play’) and not because you are not wonderful friends I like socially.  To all those I did play with: Thanks for making it fun, for occasionally pressing the right buttons and taking me to the brink of overstaying my welcome across your knee or bed, and for making me think about being braver in telling you how hot it really was for me…hmmmm…I doubt I will ever be that brazen but I hope you could tell by my reactions and that I want to see you again. 🙂 xx

Saturday 26th April 2014

Saturday morning, and all of my roomies were up first and getting ready early as they were going to the Boardwalk Academy for Girls. I originally had my name down very early to go to the school and was on the list to attend, but I (stupidly) changed my mind because I thought I wouldn’t know anybody and be quite lonely. You would have to know me quite well and a bit about the past year or so of events I went through in order to know how I was feeling when I made the decision not to go. Until I went to BBW this year I was mightily flaky and down on myself for months. I was bullied in school and that left me with a lot of issues about fitting in that have taken me most of my life to get over. I hadn’t arranged to room with Pandie, Emrys and Bertha at the time I was accepted by the school, but they kindly came to my rescue when my original roomie had to cancel. When I saw them all excited about the school and had read about it being taken more seriously than the early bratting lively posts on the thread from pupils had indicated, I felt sad that I changed my mind, but wished them so much fun and was happy for them. They all looked so brilliant but kept their own unique identities in their school uniforms. I’ve been to lots of very serious adult schools and it means a lot to me to do well and take it seriously as I missed out so much on real school and it fills in a lot of gaps for me in my mental timeline, so it is highly emotional and special to me to go and being accepted means everything. I care less about being spanked there, in fact I would happily go and never be spanked at all (although it adds to it of course if it happens naturally) because I try and do well and please people and myself. This time I had been accepted with open arms and made to feel very welcome, but I looked at the list of attendees at the time and thought I would feel left out as they all know each other and had a common bratty banter going on that I do not do, and that made me think I would feel as lonely and sad as I did in real school once and I didn’t want to face that again feeling it is still too vivid to me. I am no good at bratting online and when I do brat it is usually in real life when I just react spontaneously I get spanked sometimes by my real life reactions to what I see around me, so it is genuine and not contrived to get me a sexy spanking…although I save that for in private with friends or partners!

The only class I liked in my real school was Business Studies where I also learned to touch type. We had this Dragon of a teacher Miss Stevens and had to sit up straight in our swivel typing chairs with our knees together and learn the etiquette of being secretaries. I’m so grateful to her now for helping me with my posture, even though at 14 to 16 years old I had no idea I would be a model one day too, I was just surviving day to day and coming to terms with being different and I was too young and afraid to explain that to anybody, though I have talked it all through with consultant psychiatrists a few years ago and they made sense of it all for me and it explained my lack of maturity. I was already fragile coming back to BBW again and I didn’t want to ruin things for myself or anybody else by being boring and shy and un-confident within the class. I would definitely have gone with my roomies if I knew they were all going to be with me, and I felt as happy as I am again now, it was just the timing and I was too hasty in changing my mind and giving up my place and I am sorry I did. I regret that now because they all had a wonderful time and it was taken so seriously and real by the staff and I know I would have loved it. But hey-ho, next year I’m definitely going, assuming I can get in after such a great success!

I had brought my school uniform to BBW anyway, just because it is still a huge part of my identity and I feel most at home wearing it, and anyway I had no idea who wanted to spank a schoolgirl this year either! I decided to wear it to the ‘Uniformed Tops’ event in the afternoon. This is the event where the girls sit in the rows of chairs in the audience area and a parade of gorgeous men in uniforms are led to the stage. When it begins we have to rush up to the stage and select one of them to spank us. We leave the stage and go to a corner down of the ballroom floor and get spanked for about 2 minutes by our chosen top, assuming we are looking to compete for the prize. We then both go back to the stage area and it begins again with choosing our next ‘victim’ to spank us. Last year I won because I got spanked by 14 different uniformed men, but this year there was an actual prize of free entry to next years event, so a lot more of the girls were looking to compete. Mike Tanner, the organiser had said there were no rules this year, so I took that to mean it was similar to last year and I just had to be very fit and energetic and see how many men I could fit into the time limit. I ended up with 21 and felt pleased that I had done quite well and much better than last year. I did not mind that I did not win, the taking part really was wonderful, but I was astonished and rather disappointed that the two joint ‘winners’ who both had over 30 men had grabbed more than one ‘top’ at a time. Great use of initiative, so I can’t complain that they broke the rules because there were none, but I am British and we tend to believe in gentle-persons conduct and play by Marquis of Queensberry rules 🙂 I wouldn’t have won this year anyway because another girl got 23 without resorting to using up less energy and finding an easier way to victory, so in my mind she was the moral winner, but good luck to the girls who were brave and imaginative enough to win by their own pre-planned ‘rules’ :). I got to play with some uniformed tops I had read about anyway, but when I met them in the flesh I secretly swooned a little and could have stayed with them for much longer than the two minutes we had….but I’m a girl I keep that to myself and would die with red faced embarrassment if they knew how hot I really felt being spanked by them! 🙂 I am never the type to ever ask a man to dance (spank me), that is his job if he is a Dom and if he chooses to ask me first, but I am glad the Uniformed Tops gave me the chance to check out some of the runners and riders, I was soooo not disappointed!!

After that there was popcorn and a spanking movie and I went along to see the fun films made by the organisers. I particularly went to support Pandie in a film she made with Mike Tanner. She was wonderful and I was so proud that this starlet was one of my roomies at BBW 🙂  There is always a lot of work put into the films and they touch on themes we all see, write and read about in the Fetlife site, so it is good they can poke fun at characterising the types of people we are.

It was a lovely warm sunny day and me, Pandie, Bertha and Emrys then got changed into shorts and skimpies and went on the beach. We took some fun photos of us all sitting on one small towel and had a laugh trying to get others inside the hotel by looking up at the glass ceiling!

The main event in the evening was the dinner/dance in the ballroom, which is rather like our prom night. The theme was ‘Mad Men’, based on the popular US TV drama…which I love anyway, so was back to the late 50’s and early 60’s fashion. It was great to get ready together in our room and help each other choose what to wear where we were undecided, and share things we forgot to bring or wanted to add to enhance our look. I decided to wear my princess tiara which was a great personal gift I will always treasure from my relationship in Australia with my former ‘Daddy’ and ‘Sister’. We many not be ‘friends’ anymore; and that was my choice to make it easier not to see them in my face in my online feed anymore but I will always have good memories of the days where we got on best and exchanged gifts. Good people are good people, regardless of how they saw me and what they thought about my part in events, so I will never have a bad word to say. It was just something I tried but it didn’t work out and I made a mess of it all and myself afterwards, I was just not mature enough to deal with the situation. It was nobody’s fault but my own and I wish them both well from afar and mean it.

I decided to wear a black long sleeved dress I brought with me to the Mad Men event rather than the blue polka dot one. When one of the girls said it was very ‘Jackie Kennedy’ I felt that meant it was frumpish, but when I saw it on me and felt it looked OK and suited me and I felt like a real princess in my tiara I was glad I chose it for that event. I wanted to try and look and act grown up just for one night. Pandie, Emrys and Bertha looked lovely and we took some group pictures for our photo collections. I am only not posting their faces here because I am always conscious of protecting the privacy of other people who may not want to be included in my gallery. The meal was really nice at the event and I only played once there, when I was taken to the tented area and spanked pretty nicely by a certain gentleman I had already met before, and it was hot and sensual too :). Once again, after the party there was play in the party suites and I managed to get some good spankings again and a nice red hot bottom from a man with straps!

Friday 25th April 2014

I had a long lie in and woke up at 11am as I was very tired, and I had a nice hot shower and relaxed. I went along to the Newbies/Registration in the afternoon and met up with someone who asked me if I wanted to play with him. We had gotten on really well chatting and as I left to go with him I noticed he picked up a huge bag of ‘toys’ to bring with him and was thinking “OMG, I just wanted a hand spanking and now you are bringing a heavy artillery toolbag?!”. We went to his room and I met his lovely partner who had a similar mountain of clothes on their bed to sort out and was organising an event, so we decided to go to my room as it was free and just a bit tidier! In short, I had a great time, he spanked me really well and gently tried implements (that I asked to look at first) and I was surprised and pleased with myself that my levels were still there and I could take it and most of all totally enjoy it all. I told him what I liked, he asked me and tried things that I loved and he knows me now and I will keep that to myself and give our great play session the privacy and respect it deserves. I saw him again a few times and we had good chemistry and I love his humour he makes me laugh every time, so I am glad we are friends now, plus his partner is cool too.

The evening came quickly and it was the Vendor’s Fair next. I wore this flimsy brown with white polka dot 1940’s/50’s style dress and was asked to be a demo bunny by one of the sellers on their leather implements stall so I took a few swats and hopefully helped to sell some of his products. It was fun and I had a great time. I went back to my room afterwards and got changed into a short flared maroon skater skirt as it was more comfortable and would be better for the rest of the evening’s play. I met up with a friend I made last year who was in the US combining a business trip with his debut BBW party, and it was good to see him again. We had played together last year at a party he runs and been friends online since around 2008 so it was a highlight of my whole spanking life when we eventually met and got on so well and I really like him a lot. The suite party that night was officially due to start at 12.00 midnight after the Vendor’s fair but one of the hosts said their room would be open on the floor upstairs and we could go in and play. When we go there the whole suite was empty so we were able to find a great spot in the main room and I was soon over his knee for a spanking. He only spanks mainly, it is what he is great at, plus it is my favourite thing too when it feels right, so I ended up having five (I think) long rounds of being spanked over his knee with just his hand and spells of corner time with my hands behind my back and bare bottom on display. A few people began to wander in and out after 40 minutes or so and one guy I did not know sat near to us and commented too much for my liking. He was talking to me during my private corner time after my spanking when I was still emotional and in a trance, which is really against the protocol and party rules to invade our play space, but I have not made an official issue of it. I can take it, I am supposedly a ‘professional’ so people do all sorts of things to me I don’t always like and my feelings don’t matter to them always, but I hope most of all it did not spoil it for the Mister who spanked me. I had the most brilliant spankings ever in the most perfect way for me personally and it is right up there on my all time list and I wish we were nearer and he could spank me every day 🙂 I was in dreamland, the whole scene, dialogue and tears I cried were real and I will never forget it in my entire life, I cannot say anything more than that, it was heaven in all perfect ways and we played for at least an hour, just spanking and corner time. I regret not taking any private pictures, my bottom was a perfect bright red for a change and I think the smile on my face would have also been a picture!

I went back to my room afterwards and was so tired I got changed into my pyjamas. I came back upstairs to the party and had a great play session in one of the bedrooms with a friend from the UK who I had lunch with a few times last year but we had never played. It was really good and he was also good with tapping into what I liked and needed so I had a good time as well.

Earlier yesterday I had ran into my long standing spanking model friends @pandorablake and aka ‘Zoe Montana’ who I have known since around 2006/7 when we did a charity run together in London. Pandora has gone on to run her own very successful film company ‘Dreams of Spanking’ so we had a chat about doing something together later this year and I hope we can make it happen, it would be a thrill to work with her. I love Zoe, she is fun and I have always felt friends with her and she is one of the few girls in the world I have ever let spank me, I just have a good feeling with her and she knows that I think 🙂 I saw her in Australia in October too, but sadly didn’t get to hang out together too much, so it was wonderful to see her in the US again at a party. I also had a lovely chat with David Pierson (of ‘Punished Brats’) and even played one of my songs on guitar for him, even though I was so tired and forgot my own lyrics and my voice was shot to bits with dehydration and lack of sleep so God knows how it sounded. I suggest he listens to the record 🙂

I finally went up to bed and my roomies were also there so we had a quick chat before lights out, it was a perfect day and I was growing into BBW again and finding myself again. I was so very confident for many years as Emma Bishop but for the past few years that enthusiasm and love of spanking had been knocked out of me by people, events and having my faith and trust in it destroyed. I went to bed with an even bigger smile tonight and have not felt this good in ages.


One year ago I went to the Boardwalk Badness Spanking party in Atlantic City, which I wrote about in my first four posts in this blog. I loved it so much that I decided to go again, but this year I came back in a much better frame of mind and injury and drama free. This is my diary.

I’m using spanking scene ID names in the ‘Fetlife’ community where I feel it is appropriate to do so. However, I won’t be naming names of anyone I played with (i.e those who spanked my bottom) just in case they are not comfortable with it, so it’s easier to leave everyone out and not cause any possible offence or awkwardness. I realise some of my more popular and well known friends and acquaintances are only too happy to be mentioned, so I apologise to them that I am not. I prefer to be discrete, but the people involved may read into it and know who they are, and if they want to comment and ‘out’ themselves then fine, I am more than happy with that too! I was proud to play with everyone who asked me to, or was asked to by me in the Uniformed Tops Event party game which was a reversal of convention, and totally something I never do 🙂

Thursday 24th April 2014

I landed in Atlantic City at around 3.30pm and was met by another guest who kindly offered me a lift to the hotel as he was passing nearby. It was a nice warm day, the shape of many warm things to come, including people. I remember having a big smile on my face in anticipation of seeing my friends again and hopefully making new ones. Last year I had a nasty infection on my bottom and could only play on one side without serious pain so I was very upset, which made me drink too much and deliberately hurt myself by over playing. I was emotionally wrecked by other circumstances at the time too which made me ill there so I was confined to my room for a while. This time I had stupidly picked at some loose skin a few days before, thinking it was a graze that had healed and I made it bleed. I had visions of it getting infected so I cleaned it up and decided to wear a clear plaster as a precaution. Luckily it healed perfectly and I was able to remove it near the end of my time there. Nevertheless I decided not to have any caning as that usually does damage to any healing areas where I’m unsure, but I had plenty of other flat wood and implements in place of the rod so I was not spared!

When I arrived at the hotel at 5.30 pm I texted Pandie (@Pandemonium), one of my roomies, to see when she was arriving to check in and get the keys. I once again in my usual scatty rush excitable fashion, hurriedly read the arrival time in her text message reply as 6pm. It was acutally 8pm! This meant I had a long wait in the lobby with my luggage after being on a plane for 7 hours and then another two in the car. My good friend @loveotk had already checked in so I was able to go into her room and freshen up and relax which really helped. When @Pandemonium and @DragonEmrys arrived we had the biggest group hug, it was great to see them both after the last time in New York in December. Our other roomie @BerthaMason arrived soon afterwards and I hadn’t met her properly before so it was a chance to make another new friend, which I did pretty soon after we met, we all got on so well together.

The first thing we had to do after unpacking and hanging up our party dresses and things that crease easily, was to go along to the registration event. It’s always a good time to meet and greet friends we haven’t seen for up to a year plus make new ones. A lot more people tend to arrive earlier now, on Thursday instead of Friday, so they get another day’s spanking in which is great! After registering and having something to eat I had time to mingle and chat to people. I was actually eating burger and fries a few times there which I never do at home, but with all the energy and carbs, I needed it as I was burning up most days it didn’t make any difference to my figure, in fact I came home lighter than when I went.

The first play that night was in the party suites from 10pm until 1am and I decided to take it easier this time and pace myself. I decided I would only have hand spankings and no wood, perhaps some mild leather. In the last year or so I have warmed (excuse the pun!) to leather a lot more and I like the sensation and afterglow, and it runs close to having a good OTK hand spanking. Like anything though it depends on so many things, from the skill of the spanker to my mindset on the day. I had a good spanking with a party newbie I had met briefly at the New York party in December. I was tired from the flight so when asked if I wanted to go over his knee with him sitting on a chair, or go to the bedroom, I decided on the bedroom so I could lie across his lap and be more comfortable. It was nice and tingly with the sharp slap in the right places to introduce himself to me and I had a big smile on my face, he has a nice manner. After that he was pretty busy I think so apart from a few social chats we didn’t play again, but I was glad to have made acquaintance with his hand. I only had one glass of wine to drink, and anyway I hardly drink at all nowadays, so I was happy but not stupid like last year when I drank far too much.

I ran into a friend from the UK who I once met at a spanking party and was sent to him to be spanked by my, at the time Dom. I had a great session and remembered it well, so when he asked me if I’d like to play in his room I was thrilled to be asked. I know it’s hard for guys to pluck up the courage sometimes to ask to play, but I definitely think it is the Dom’s/Man’s role to do so. I know that isn’t a popular ideology in feminist culture today, but I am the opposite and am very old fashioned and submissive so it does not feel my place to ever ask a man to dance. It’s not because I’m scared of rejection, it is just all wrong and if somebody is not brave enough to ask me then how the hell can I ever look up to them as potentially being in charge of me for our play, or more if we get on well? I admit I did not always say “Yes” to play when I was asked by some men at BBW (and anywhere else), but that is either because we had played before and we had no play connection, or that I was pacing myself and did not know them at all to trust them at such an early stage, or that they kept pestering me about it and I got fed up. I really don’t like it when a man comes up to me and just says “How about it then” or “Do you fancy playing”, when they have not even told me anything about them. It seems crass and makes me feel cheap and not how I would want to be approached in a vanilla setting. It is not a meat market, I have feelings, I am not there to entertain or be available, I like to be asked so that I feel they want to know me too and not just my bottom. But I still have a proviso that even when I am asked nicely, I may just not want to play with someone…just because, just because I don’t want to, sometimes I can’t say why.

Anyway, I had a nice thorough warm up spanking, which was just perfect. He had a flogger and asked me if I wanted to try it. I was put off once when I had a cat of nine tails flogger thing on my back when I was tied to a book rack and I hated it, it was hard and aggressive like I was being punished when I had not done anything and I could not stand it. This time it was gentle and with a few hard ones that made me catch my breath. They were more thuddy and condensed and left a glow and not a raw or flailing bite so it made me laugh and tingle, so I can see the attraction of the flogger now if it is a good one and used sensually too. I loved it on my bottom, it was wonderful like a spanking with a big bean bag! He said he wanted to cane me by the time I went back, but I was trying to stay away from wood (canes really as I had a plaster) and we never got around to it anyway after that as he is pretty popular, and someone I literally have to look up too…which I love, as I can stand on my toes for a hug :)!

I ran into a really nice couple I had met at BBW last year and again in December and I really like them and being around them. Him (the Daddy of the two) always asks me to play, and I will always agree as he is good with me and it’s fun and I feel safe and he makes me laugh. When we go back to his other half afterwards it’s always nice to brat a bit and tease him and have her on my side, I like them both a lot and call them friends and they give great hugs!

After being awake for 24 hours I went to bed with a big smile and less stressed than I had been for ages. Day one was over and I would sleep and get acclimatised to Atlantic City time. I was looking forward to the next day and already loving the company of my roomies and the pile of clothes on the floor! It was like the best teenage sleepovers all over again!

Good Night…. Part 2 coming soon 🙂

I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while but will have lots more coming very soon; my account of my trip to Boardwalk Badness Weekend party in Atlantic City 🙂

In the meantime here are some pictures from my last accountability session with Mr W a few weeks ago. I had an encounter with a shoe horn, which was a first unique experience. I usually put my foot in it, this time I was walked all over!! hee hee