Doing the maths and being an art form

I had another accountability session this week with Mr W and this time I was in trouble for:

a) Being disobedient and staying up two hours after my bedtime to watch TV without asking first, and after I had said I was off to bed.
b) Being careless and miscalculating my job salary expectations with a simple calculation, which could have meant I was turning down a good opportunity because it did not look likely to make it worth my while. I rushed into it and did the sums, without taking some time away working it out and calling him back, so I was making the situation worse. The telephone interviewer must not have been impressed with my maths!
c) Having a visitor turn up to see me on time when I was just coming out of the shower. I did not check the time he was arriving in his email and hurriedly wrote down the latest time he said rather than the ‘from’ time, and it was embarrassing and awkward.

I had a couple of sessions the days before so I still had some cane marks on my legs but they kind of blended in by the end as you can see below. I had three hard OTK spankings, the leather OTK paddle, six hard strokes with the massive wooden paddle, 12 strokes of the cane and six strokes of the London Tanners Domestic Discipline strap (I think!). These pictures were taken after 6 and before the final 6 strokes of the cane.

I had some good questions this week from people and this one stood out:

“Do you consider spanking to be an art form?”

I initially thought he was asking if I saw it as entertaining, in terms of appearing in spanking films as a model. What he was actually asking is how I see the skill in the technique of spankers. I ended up by saying that I agree technically it is totally an art form and with lots of skill and technique involved. I remember reading a great definition once that I loved, about it being like a symphony, with changes in rhythm and power and sometimes never knowing when or how it will end. Not everyone is artistic and everyone sees beauty in different art, some painters do it for me and others do not. That is not to say they are not good at what they do and would most likely impress hundreds of other spankees, but I just know what I like and what feels right. It is mainly to do with one simple thing, chemistry. It has nothing to do with experience, just the right feeling. Sometimes I like being spanked by somebody, but will hold back and work hard to try to hide the fact I am enjoying it too much if it is an inappropriate situation or circumstance. I try and protect myself so my feelings don’t get hurt, and I don’t mess things up for the other person in any way, everyone has boundaries and expectations so I will do what I think is right for them and keep it to the task rather than what I may want. When I know I can truly relax and let go and it is going somewhere then it is easier for me to give myself to it, then it can become a relationship. Other than that I just enjoy the play session time for what it is on the day, we both have fun and I enjoy the role play or accept the discipline agreement I may have with someone. That is the art form I put into my work.

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