Hi friends and strangers!

I closed my website down in January (well, I kind of made it ‘Private’ for a while), because I was not in a writing or even spanking mood. I lost my interest in meeting anybody and playing, and additionally my mother passed away recently after a long illness which broke my heart seeing her that way. So the start of 2014 from a spanking point of view was really non existent. I had a few encounters but it was just going through the motions and after some serious play before Christmas my bottom was all beat up and exhausted anyway, so it was time to cut and run for a holiday time-out. I admit I threw dolly out of the bathwater, and took my toys away because I was tired of playing with the wrong ones with sharp edges.

I had a few days away in Bath at a rehab/spa space and it really helped. My behaviour, attitude (I was told), health and routine has I admit been all over the place but somehow I have survived, but it has set me back and I have a lot to do getting back on track so I will need some help. I have had friends “talking” to me so I am  so I am going to try harder to behave better. That’s it, I am OK and will be around again and back in uniform in class too.