Party Time again, NYC I’m coming!

Totally vanilla and chilling picture taken just now unplugged with no make up, I’m off to bed!

I just found some of the posts I published on my previous now defunct blog (‘Naughtily Ever After’) and decided to re-post them here.

Boardwalk Badness Weekend: Parts 4 to 1 (descending scroll down)

They are about my trip to Atlantic City in April when I went to ‘Boardwalk Badness Weekend’ Party. They made me smile when I read them today so I managed to retrieve them and include them again, so if you scroll down to the bottom you can read them all and how I was feeling then. I’m glad I recovered and lived to be partying another day, but at the time it was awful to feel so ill. I will always be grateful to the special people who helped me get better these past six months and will never forget that. As I will be going back to New York in three weeks time (and counting), this time to the ‘SSNY’ party, I need to think about what to wear but of course there will be some ‘school’ outfits in there somewhere I suppose and plenty of warm clothes because I remember how cold Manhattan can be in December.

Anyway I just wanted to explain in case any new readers wondered where the ‘April 2013’ posts suddenly appeared from. I’m very excited and looking forward to the future, I never live in the past and look back for too long, but this time I will be far more sensible and better behaved at the party….”or else” so I have been warned! Today I had a positive chat with a new friend and I look forward to catching up again with the wonderful friends and acquaintances I made at BBW.

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