Attitude adjustment spanking

I went to see Mr W, a disciplinarian friend yesterday who was rather concerned at my recent behaviour over the past few weeks and suggested I should report to him. I previously had a rule with him a year ago regarding my play limits, and he decided to reinforce them and remind me to look after myself. He was also concerned at my attitude and felt I needed to be reminded that as a growing girl I am still accountable to be respectful and listen to what I am told. As part of my social visit I was marched upstairs and given a stern lecture about how a young lady should behave, before being soundly spanked, strapped and caned. I had welts on my bottom afterwards and was not sitting down for supper too well when I got home. My behaviour is still up and down and I am doing my best to behave and manage on my own without rules and guidance right now, so until I am in another regular Domestic Discipline based relationship again it is good to know my teachers and guardians are still keeping an eye on me. I am sorry Sir 😦


  1. Thanks so much, you have always been so nice to me and I value your friendship. I am trying to get back to better behaviour again and just got up early so I can go out for a run so that’s a start on my fitness again. My bedroom is still a bit of a tip but I’m working on that when I get round to it, whenever.


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