End of Term Report

I had a serious meeting with the Headmaster last week, which was pretty sinister and dark in places but ended up with traditional methods. I enjoyed it more than I thought at the time and it made me glad I am able to be free enough to experiment and strong enough to take more than I had anticipated. I have limits like every other submissive and different things I would do in an ongoing personal D/D relationship as opposed to ‘play’, but every now and then I just want to go in the moment and take it as it comes, it is like cleansing myself. I guess that makes me a masochist more than I thought I was, but it is rare I play this hard for fun, I had many tears and there were a lot of new things. I am a trained role playing actress but sometimes I will be my own stunt woman and explore…If you are new to “Fifty shades” don’t try this at home :)!

He wrote in my End of Term Report:

“A pupil who has made a most promising start! She plays her part in the school lively and judicious fashion.

The mature and womanly way in which she accepts and co-operates in her punishments makes it a pleasure to administer them. She earned particular merit by volunteering to take the birch. She does appear to still have difficulty with certain  of the standard punishments which she found painfully intense, but she showed herself reconciled and the emotions of those moments are an effective and essential part of her education. Remember it is not about your liking it Emma, and remember the School motto – “Painless is Pointless”!  Take satisfaction in having won some little battles against your weaker self”

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