Thanks Doc!

Hey I know this isn’t Facebook or Twitter but I got the all clear today from the physio to work out again and get fit again. These past few weeks have left me flaky at best, a tantrum thrower from hell at worst. Looking forward to winter runs in the cold and rain with my beanie on 🙂 I’m off to New York soon and having lived there once during a hellish winter I am preparing to wrap up warm this time. Most times I hopelessly miscalculated the weather, as I did in Melbourne last month, and I end up buying new clothes on the spot just to keep warm.

The bruising on my thighs from my misadventure the other day has come out now, and although I had no idea at the time how serious it was I know now I played way too hard. It is not somewhere I have ever been hit before so I bruised badly, and I didn’t even see it as appropriate ‘discipline’ either in our role play scene, but more something a serious BDSM masochist would enjoy for some kind of stimulation I suppose. It was all way too grown up for me to take in at the time but I let myself go into a trance again and went along with it. I was lucky today when I saw the physio that I wore knee length joggers so I didn’t have to show him my legs because it would have been hugely embarrassing.

Today I was out at a birthday lunch with 8 other girls and managed to stick to one glass of alcohol, even though I had one of my rules banning it for me recently because of how it affects me, but once the girls said “Oh go on Emma just have one” I felt obliged to, just so I could say “Cheers” properly to the birthday girl. I’m easily led like that in peer groups and it’s just my immaturity and I really find it hard to be the odd one out. I also don’t have too much pocket money left this month yet I saw this dress in TK Maxx and had to have it and then saw two handbags to go with it so I bought them too, even though I have a zillion dresses and about 20 handbags, but of course not in those colours, it’s a girl thing!. Luckily I have already got my plane ticket and money I need for my next trip and time to save up so I hope my overspending won’t affect too much. I am looking forward to a couple of weeks of doing other things now and trying to stay out of trouble!

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