Back to spanking….

I have been really busy lately, what with my vanilla music work and following all my dreams so it was good to get back to spanking. This week I was introduced to a table tennis bat and it really was game, set and match to him! I’m hoping to get one soon but am also on the trail of other implements of interest that I may come to regret mentioning. The most important thing is I am enjoying it so much more because of my deliberate and chosen break times away and although being spanked is always on my mind I keep a lot of that to myself and prefer not to discuss it, for personal reasons and just enjoy it when it comes without any complications.

Sometimes I have expected too much and been disappointed and other times I have gone too deep in over analysing situations. I am choosey who I play with but I am happier with my choices and reasons to be spanked by people now. I am really looking forward to going to Australia in October and may also be going to a party in New York if I can manage to. It certainly would be fabulous to catch up with the nice people I made acquaintances with last time and to continued dialogue, and of course if I must, have my bottom spanked for things I’m sure they remember or will want to address with me 🙂

My most recent posts were heavy but I am happier now just getting back to spanking! Here are some recent pictures:

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