20130621_121308Today was my re-debut after two months healing and getting myself fit again. I have changed my diet completely and worked hard on my total fitness workouts too. It has been a hard time abstaining from spanking but in many ways good for me to take a step back and recharge. I was completely exhausted even up until a week ago and had a couple of days in bed last week but now I feel fresh again. I am grateful to the lovely people in my life for making me feel so good about myself and for getting me back into a nice routine that suits me. I am looking forward to going to Australia in October and having a wonderful time and making new friends.

In my session today with ‘Mr Mike’ it was fun, relaxed and at a nice sensible level. I took a lot of spanking, slippering , paddling and some of the cane at a pretty moderate ‘return to action’ level so it was good workout and I am feeling tingly right now in a nice way. I was a secretary in one scene and a Nurse (American outfit) in another. I wore a plaster (which I hate, but is clear and feels like skin) to protect the just about mended hole in my bottom. It needs a few more months for the skin in that area to change colour back to normal from when I was injured but it fine now to gradually play on again. Also, with all the ridiculous high impact play I have taken over such a long time my skin colour generally is darker there so I hope now I am not doing much and being sensible with lots of creams and rest it will go back to perfection again in a while. I have hated looking in the mirror and seeing my dull dark mess of a bottom and hope my experience is advice to others to use lots of cream and have breaks sometimes. After all I am a person and I matter, I know that more now.
Here are some photos, seeing as I have let my lovely readers wait so long . The picture at the top was taken this morning before my session which I was looking forward to and enjoyed.