Being Emma Bishop again

I posted a long rambling post in here a few days ago “Princess emma, finding my way back to me” and have since decided that it was wrong, self-indulgent and has little to do with my work as a spanking model, so I have shelved it and removed it. It is true I am (hopefully) a few weeks away from being available to play again, and I looked at my injury again this morning and just burst into tears that its still there and healing too slow. But that really is my own problem and you my lovely friends and readers I’m sure don’t need to know about that. I won’t apologise for my ups and downs, it’s how I am and part of being what I am as a submissive but my mood swings I have decided to bite my bottom lip on now and keep well away from my blog. I may have become ‘princess emma’ in my relationship which I announced on another website, but I am still Emma Bishop and am not going to change any of that until I have had time to think about what I want to do in the future. I wish I could be out there playing right now, I am so down over all this and have cancelled so many play dates the past five weeks that it is hurting me now and I feel that I need to try and take my mind off of spanking and find something else to do until I’m ready to be spanked again.

Here are some pictures below taken three months ago to cheer me (and you hopefully) up! I will be back, better and fitter as long as that takes and can’t image never being spanked again even though right now it feels like I won’t, but when I am ready my first time will be feel strange and unlike anything I’ve ever down before, because this time-out hurts the most and I will never again take it all for granted. Thank you for your patience, and putting up with my flakiness and tantrums. I will be back in school a soon as I can 😦


  1. I’ve read the post that you have now decided to remove, Emma, and just came back to write a comment. I can reassure you that I didn’t find the post “wrong” at all. But of course it is up to you to decide what you want to share and what you don’t want to share. I just wanted to tell you that I am very happy for you that you have found two so wonderful people and that I hope that your injury will heal, soon. Please take the time you need for it to heal completely. The pictures are of course very nice, thanks for sharing! 🙂


  2. Thanks Kaelah and lovely to hear from you, hope you are well?
    I’m glad you didn’t find it “wrong”, I guess I meant to say that I didn’t see it as the right thing to do to go into such detail about my joy, contrasted with where I came from to get there.

    I was more concerned that I may have given the wrong impression to other wonderful Dom’s/spanking partners I had that I did not think they were suitable enough for me in terms of what we did together. That’s not the case, just that circumstances and the time they were able to spend with me was not enough for me, personally. Some submissives can cope with once a fortnight contact and pretty much vanilla chit chat in between, but I have come from a place where I almost felt I was living it every day, and still am in terms of my needs, so it was more a case of me not being suitable for them. It’s not about physical 24/7 (i.e living together) but there are other ways to make me feel under control and a part of someone’s world where I feel I matter enough and that was just not available to meet my personal needs, which include my emotional ones. But they are not mind-readers, maybe I never felt I could speak up enough and that’s about compatibility and chemistry I think.

    The nicest thing about my present situation was to be asked what I liked from the beginning as rewards when I am good, and being sent a checklist to fill in off my likes, fears and desires. Things like that made me feel wanted enough to invest time in that’s all.

    Anyway, its back to play soon and none of this will get in the way of that when I’m ready., except that I feel more secure now that I am being looked out for in all I do not just spanking.

    Thanks for your lovely comments again. Hugs, Emma


  3. hi Emma hope your feeling better each day and looking forward to the 21st. I forgive you for being down due to your problem. Glad u used our pictures to show your best side. Cant wait to deal with you again!


    1. Hey Mike yes I am slowly getting there and these pics (above) you took of my last schoolgirl spanking were awesome, you must have had a great body double on set for me that day lol!! Looking forward to seeing you and getting back into the swing of it…hmmm that’s you not me but i’m only little again and my Daddy says not to play too rough again so please be gentle with me to help me settle back into class 🙂


      1. Hi ya I’ve just sent you an email about next session. I’ve been working on my swing! But will be very gentle or at least fairly gentle with you. It will be exciting I guarantee xxxx M


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