Seeing as I’m crocked I thought I’d post some pictures of my bottom injury. In fact I did post one online before to genuinely show it when I was down and one of my female friends commented “this is extremely attractive. Really :P” which was a shock! I guess there are some people who like looking at septic boils lol! That part of it has healed now with antibiotics but I still have a round hole in my bottom which will take time for the top layer of skin to knit together, it could be couple more weeks or months I really can’t say.

I believe I got this from a broken cane earlier this year and it never healed. I did some sessions before I went to the US on 16th April, but I tried hard to play through it with plasters on for a couple of weeks which made it much worse, hence my last spanking was on 29th April and I’ve been grounded since then. I got much more ill from the side effects from the tablets and had to call the ambulance on my birthday (May 6th) but now that is all OK so I can just concentrate on the cream I have doing its work 🙂 I went to a party recently and I think one or two people thought I may have been lying about not being able to play with them, or that I didn’t like their spanking bedside manner, so I thought I would post some evidence for the defence if I ever get hauled up in the front of the Spanking Court 🙂

Here are some pictures of my healing timeline so far…

7th May :


9th May:


27th May


Today (31st May)

I can’t wait to look back on all this and laugh. Well maybe not when I’ve been a naughty girl and I’m getting spanked lol! But this whole experience has made me appreciate time and patience more too, even though this abstinence is killing me daily. I had another time out for a month or so in November to January this year too when I had another cut from a broken cane so it has not been a great recent time for me. I will be the most overdue girl in town!!

I posted a long rambling post in here a few days ago “Princess emma, finding my way back to me” and have since decided that it was wrong, self-indulgent and has little to do with my work as a spanking model, so I have shelved it and removed it. It is true I am (hopefully) a few weeks away from being available to play again, and I looked at my injury again this morning and just burst into tears that its still there and healing too slow. But that really is my own problem and you my lovely friends and readers I’m sure don’t need to know about that. I won’t apologise for my ups and downs, it’s how I am and part of being what I am as a submissive but my mood swings I have decided to bite my bottom lip on now and keep well away from my blog. I may have become ‘princess emma’ in my relationship which I announced on another website, but I am still Emma Bishop and am not going to change any of that until I have had time to think about what I want to do in the future. I wish I could be out there playing right now, I am so down over all this and have cancelled so many play dates the past five weeks that it is hurting me now and I feel that I need to try and take my mind off of spanking and find something else to do until I’m ready to be spanked again.

Here are some pictures below taken three months ago to cheer me (and you hopefully) up! I will be back, better and fitter as long as that takes and can’t image never being spanked again even though right now it feels like I won’t, but when I am ready my first time will be feel strange and unlike anything I’ve ever down before, because this time-out hurts the most and I will never again take it all for granted. Thank you for your patience, and putting up with my flakiness and tantrums. I will be back in school a soon as I can 😦