Boardwalk Badness Weekend 2013: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly: Part 4 (Final)

bbwbritshat_smallPart Four: Sunday and the sickly child 😦

I woke up Sunday morning around 7 o’clock and got myself ready to meet up with Mr A (as I will call him) downstairs for breakfast at 9am. The fact that I got down there on time before 9am and was cursing to my friend that I’d been stood up when he didn’t show by 9.25, only to read my notes and in true unorganised EB fashion see that he had actually told me to be there at 9.30, didn’t matter. I was just happy to have had such a great Saturday…but I was relieved when he did turn up exactly at 9.30, the proper ‘agreed’ time. (but I didn’t tell him I’d goofed up over the time and cursed about it)! He told me the night before he was taking me to this new hotel called Revel (I think) which has a nice self order style breakfast bar. I was excited about going somewhere new and spending time with him since I was really flattered he knew my ‘work’ a bit so I had to milk this strange fame phenomenon while it lasted!…and, he had kindly invited me too. We took rather the long way round getting there (which I do every time I go out without a Sat Nav system) and I was blown to smithereens by Atlantic wind chills, but it was my own stupid fault for going out dressed like I was on the catwalk and not as if I were climbing Mount Everest with Sir Ranulph Fiennes! When we got there we had a lovely Philly Steak and Cheese breakfast and interesting conversation so it was well worth the hike, and we had the most fantastic laugh about it afterwards. I love situations like this when things never quite go to plan and everyone has to improvise and muck in, and it made it all the more memorable that I was sitting there after the ‘walk’ looking like Lindsay Lohan doing cold turkey in rehab!

We got back to the hotel in time for Coffee and Bagels and this was followed by the Punishment Court. I had no idea what this was all about and didn’t initially plan to attend but the whole concept was so funny and the arguments made by the parties brought before the ‘Judge’ were so passionately made that it made for great entertainment. Well, I guess being spanked in public does have its merits too, until it really hurts of course then (in my case) I’m always grateful for the wonders of waterproof mascara, but I’m glad nobody snitched on me this trip!

I will whizz through the rest of the afternoon because I spent it packing, repacking and going out for final shopping, and along the way drinking a lot…and a lot…and some more lots of coffee everywhere I went. My caffeine intake started at breakfast after the long walk to Revel but I had no water all of the day before and today, just coffee all day. The night before I had drank quite a lot of alcohol too and not gotten much sleep again…so if anyone was keeping score on my total lack of personal care so far then there was already a huge debit balance in my hydration and sleep columns.

The next main event was the Sunset Cruise which I was really looking forward to as a way to have fun with many new friends and acquaintances as some sort of farewell to all of the wonderful times I had had. I got ready early and put on my favourite black lace dress and for the first time I made an effort to try and look more glamorous (by my standards), as I imagined it would be a rather dressy occasion and I needed to look just a bit like a grown up for a change. When I was ready I took the lift downstairs and ran into who I will call Mr B. I didn’t remember the instructions from Dr Lectr on how to get to the meeting point so we walked together. On the way I joked a lot saying he could be my bodyguard or entourage/escort and take me to the right meeting place and I was rather bratty and opinionated towards him I will admit, but I was having such fun looking forward to the trip.

Suddenly my breathing became tight and frantic, I had a shooting pain in my lower back and the whole of my right side felt numb and I told him I needed to sit down. I felt like I was slipping away and was fainting, or worse, I was completely disorientated it was an awful moment I will never forget. He sat me down and went to get me some water. Mr A saw me in a state and also came to help see how I was. Both gentlemen took me to my room but as Mr B was going on the trip he made sure I was OK and Mr A stayed with me and made me an ice pack to put on my back. They made sure I was lying down on my side and gradually I was breathing more slowly and I drank at least 3 large bottles of water quickly so my body must have been completely dehydrated. I had this situation twice before, once in Paris and once in New York and I have not learned my lesson even though both times I was made accountable for them. I had/have a caffeine limit of no more than two espressos (or one Grande in Starbucks) per day and no more than three glasses of wine, and regular bedtime written down, because I have some intolerances that make me very ill when they all come together like this. I REALLY thought I was going to die and after Mr A left me for a while to go and get some Dinner I almost called the emergency Doctor three times. All I did was cry and cry until I had no more left, and I had to raise my pillows so high and try and stay awake because every time my eyes closed I thought I wouldn’t wake up again. I can’t remember being that scared…well yes I can in New York February 2011, same thing. Mr B called in on me after the cruise to see how I was and make sure I had everything I needed, and Mr A was a marvelous comfort throughout. It meant a lot that they looked after me that time as I hardly knew either of them that well and they dragged themselves away to help me. The thing is I am usually very fit and well but I just drunk too much caffeine, didn’t drink any water after walking a lot that day and dancing for hours the night before, should probably have still been finishing the tablets for my previous back strain, and I never ever slept much all week at BBW. I hope I will finally learn I need to look after myself now, I don’t want to go through this again but I just kind of forgot about myself again.

Anyway, back to the party fun..OMG I rambled way too much!!…After a few hours Mr A came back and I said I wanted to pop upstairs to the Suite Party as I felt a bit better and could at least walk slowly again, but still had a minor tweak in my back. He said I should really stay in bed and sleep it off but I am stubborn as I just wanted to say goodbye to people and not miss out on that. So when he left to go to his room I just snuck out and went upstairs in my pyjamas. I got in the lift and totally forgot where I was and it was packed with non BBW party vanilla people! A few people commented on my “nice pyjamas” and laughed so I made a pathetic joke about going to a pyjama party and leaving my robe in the room upstairs 🙂 I looked a mess but had literally got out of bed but it was nice to have some water and a banana upstairs (I needed sugar like a horse!) and to watch the fun people were having, even though my speech was slow and tired and I was still a bit numb. I wanted to be a final part of an amazing experience and was lucky enough to run into some new people who said hello to me that I wanted to meet/say goodbye to so it was worth popping upstairs again.

It’s late now as I write so I will round it up. In the morning I met up with Mr A as coincidentally we were both going back to different countries via Philadelphia at exactly the same time, and he gave me a final mild(ish) spanking in my room. I got home of course, and by now have got some sleep and everything is healing well.

I had such an experience at BBW and to finish off I will just say…

The Good: All the wonderful people I met, smiles, warm hugs, laughter, amazing range of events, spankings, getting what I deserved sometimes, freedom to ‘just be’ without worrying I look out of place or stupid, fantastic organising committee and the attention to detail, safe environment, lovely hotel room, hot tub and pool, help and support when I was ill from Messrs A and B, lush beds… much more that I will probably kick myself tomorrow for not mentioning them in these closing Oscar speech credits, but I’m getting tired now but hey…you all know how great it all was and you are 🙂

The Bad: Adolf Hitler’s attitude after his BBW rejection, chips for breakfast/too many calories, BBW isn’t every other week.

The Ugly: Being crocked with a poorly bottom which made it a bit harder to play but didn’t stop my total fun……nothing else because everyone at the party was beautiful.

Thank you everyone for making me so happy!!!! xxx

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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience, I enjoyed reading! Sounds like you had a great time and you got some well deserved spankings 😉 lol. x


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