Boardwalk Badness Weekend 2013: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly: Part 3

emma_miaWallace_smallPart Three: Saturday Night blazing bottom fever!

After being subtly sent to bed at 2am this morning and with a plan to lie in and catch up on my sleep a bit, my UK mobile phone went off at 5.30am! I only took it with me to play my music on and thought I had disabled country roaming, but this was a stupid Insurance company spam phone call from the UK at 10.30am UK time and I forgot to mute the ringtone grrrr!! I am awfully scatty like this and I got spanked last year for taking a logged call at stupid o’clock when I should have muted and been sleeping for work the next day, so I didn’t remember and learn from it much I suppose. I found it hard to get back to sleep after that so once again I only got a few hours rest. I showered and washed my hair and went down for an early breakfast as I was really hungry after drinking too much wine and not eating much food the night before, and having had lots of caffeine (which will become significant later). After breakfast I went for a walk to the adjoining Trump hotel where there is a Starbucks, had my usual Grande skinny vanilla latte and did some shopping around there.

I got back to my room and got changed because the next event in the Ballroom was the Uniformed Tops. This is every girl’s dream, a lovely bunch of men being awfully good sports to dress up as everything from Cowboys to Firemen and Judges, and I so adore a man in a suit anyway :). The idea is that the guys stand on stage and for the girls to run up and choose one of them, who would then take them to a curtained cubicle for a spanking. When this is carried out (to my utter glee!) we return to the stage area together with our spanker, and we then have to pick out our next uniformed spanker. When I saw this event advertised on Fetlife initially I had no intention of joining in, OMG no way!!…because although the guys were under orders not to refuse any of the ladies who chose them I have never in my life asked a man to spank me, I really am that old fashioned and shy that it is not in my nature to. I am always afraid of rejection and causing embarrassment too if someone doesn’t like me and I have a fragile confidence in myself sometimes, even though outwardly I do my best to live up to being ‘Emma Bishop’ in public. I still believe it should be up to a man to just tell me, however direct or subtly signaled that is, and it is my place to wait to be asked/told I’m getting spanked. However, having got to know a few of the lovely parade of men and seeing them standing there and guessing I would be safe if I chose them again, I joined the rank of girls in the audience and the ensuing stampede as it began! Without naming any names or even the uniforms I played with, by the time it had finished I was spanked by 14 different guys, which according to Mike Tanner the organiser/host was some sort of new record, even though it is not a competition and nobody was competing like that. I had no plans to break any ‘record’ but just to have fun and do something I dreamed of doing, and I was on such an adrenalin rush once it started that it felt like I was doing usual high energy cardio workout, but as I knew I was getting close to last year’s total of 12 I ran around even faster. It did mean I had to cut short some spanking with some lovely men I could easily have chained myself too and stayed up all night being spanked by lol!!…but it was also nice to be given the chance to meet so many wonderful hands. If I ever go in for this again I will probably choose my personal victims, and not spin myself around and close my eyes before choosing so that it’s fair to everyone and I don’t make anyone feel I’m leaving them out. I kicked myself afterwards that I didn’t pick a few ‘Unies’ I really wanted to be spanked by over the whole weekend and would never have dreamed to ask, but I am grateful for every second spent with the 14 good sports who played with me. I imagine some of the men had their own favourite girls they wanted to spank too, and were probably relieved I didn’t choose them but you can’t win them all as they say 🙂

After this event my bottom was getting very sore and was bright red and becoming a little bruised. After all being spanked by 14 guys at differing levels, but pretty much all of them ending up with a rousing finale, had to take some kind of toll. This added to everything I had taken so far in the week plus my worsening wound which I neglected to point out to most of the spankers during the play, because I was so high on the excitement I just went numb and forgot about it. I went back to my room and had a relaxing shower and put tons of Aveeno cream and more antibiotic lotion to my painful injury which was badly swollen up and hard and absolutely killed me to sit down on. I tried a hot water compress for 15 minutes, an idea which was recommended to me by a lovely lady, but the water in my room wasn’t hot enough so all it did was to make my bottom more raw and sore all over. I ended up plastering it over again and got dressed and went back to Starbucks for some lunch and out on the Boardwalk for another long walk.

Later in the afternoon was the ‘Meet the Brits’ event and I had already worked out my outfit in suitable Union Flag colours. I took along some Terry’s Chocolate Orange’s from the UK as they are my favourites. I always insisted on one in my Christmas stocking growing up and have kept up the tradition to date, badgering boyfriends and partners that if they buy me nothing else for Christmas, please Santa… just make it a Chocolate Orange for me?…so lush :)! I was proud to be given a Union Jack lanyard from Richard who wonderfully hosted the event and got everyone mingling. I already knew a lot of the people by now but it was a chance to talk more about coming from England to my first US spanking party, There was some play going on in the bedrooms and I did get asked to play and would so have loved to have been a guinea pig for a caning, but I politely declined and stood up as much as I could because I was really suffering behind my smiles at being a Brit in this wonderland. Despite all this I saw Mike Tanner wandering around with a lickin’ stick and told the person I was talking to (can’t remember who it was) that I had heard about this but never tried it and wondered what it felt like. Before I knew it Mike had been told and I found myself over the bed for a ‘Welcome to America’ three swats (or at least I think it was three). Thankfully they were on my sit spot which although very painful already from all the spanking was better than having anything on my plastered boil, so I am grateful to Mr Tanner for being such a expert placer on this occasion! I did know I was in America though and although it was given in fun, in my mind it was what I deserved for once again going crazy with pacing myself on the day.

Saturday was the busiest and most amazing day of the entire weekend and there was no let up to the events and fun. I did think of applying for Miss Miranda and Missy’s Girls School on the very first day it was announced but I decided that as I had already been to an adult girls boarding school, day schools in the UK and a lot in my films, I would not take up a place someone else may want to have as their first experience. I will definitely like to apply next time though because Finishing School is where I am up to next in my education timeline and to go to one in the US would be amazing!

In the evening was the big event, a Hollywood Theme night party where we all had the chance to glam up or dress in Fancy Dress. My vanilla friends know I’m a big Tarantino Fan so I chose the character of Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction, played by Uma Thurman in the film. I watched the film a few times more before I came to the US and got as far as learning some of the dance moves and her walk (when I remembered) but decided to wuss out of working on her US accent and mannerisms. After all it was a party, not work as a trainee method actress, and I wanted to be myself dressed as her and not to impersonate her too much, so I just worked off of what I remembered, because by now I was tired and relaxed anyway so I just needed to drink and have social fun. I didn’t get spanked at all at the party though as I was having so much social fun in character and making some wonderful new friends just talking at the tables and on the dance floor. The entertainment was amazing. Some hilarious films compiled by Jules, Mike and the team finishing with a wonderful Adolf Hitler BBW party rejection dubbed film, beautifully interwoven with some great acting by the team. There was a live ‘Dear Fetlife’ rehearsed comedy reading where a lot of the typical online personality traits we can perhaps all relate to at some time were parodied, with an underlying serious message to people or persons out there who had attempted to disrupt the team’s events and close knit group. Everyone was totally brilliant and having done a bit of Improvisation and stage work myself I know how daunting it is to stand up in front of your friends and peers and perform on cue and in character, and the timing was perfect. Jules is an absolute talented star and how she managed to weave so many emotional and often disturbed ‘people’ into one skit was awesome! I danced a lot at the party and I love dancing but haven’t been to a night club for at least three years since I moved, so it was good to get back on the floor as Mia Wallace and lose some of the big breakfasts and huge food portions I’d been offered up at the hotel.

After the party I had a very mild spanking from a friend in his room, and I went up to my room and got changed again into my school uniform with my red tartan plaid skirt. I don’t exactly know what I was thinking of and why I wanted to go up to the party suite dressed ready to play when my bottom was already touch tender, but it was in my original plan and I wanted to try to wear everything I had taken the trouble to cram into my suitcase! When I got there I gingerly sat down and watched most of the time, but did sample a piece of magic (so to speak) and have a ‘gentle’ spanking which lasted all of 10 feather touch spanks. I got chatting to another guest who was the one who had seen my films (an actual fan! Wowee, I knew there was one somewhere!). He kindly invited me to join him for breakfast the next morning. I was very tired and extremely sore like I’ve never been in a long while so I left the suite party early and went to bed quite soon afterwards. Saturday was the most perfect day, so much variety and I will never forget how wonderful everyone looked and the efforts made to make me feel so welcome, I felt like a Princess all day and this was an absolute ball!!.

To be continued…(final part coming up next)

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