Boardwalk Badness Weekend 2013: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly: Part 2

emma_bbwschool2smallPart Two: Friday, the party begins and my night ends here

Friday morning and I woke up reasonably early and went down to breakfast. At home I usually have cereal and banana, but whilst I was here most days I had two eggs, bacon and chips, although I only ate half of the bacon and chips as there was always way too much. I had to get up earlyish anyway because ‘ThatGirl’ (another party goer who is a trained masseuse) was calling to give me a massage. I’d never ever had one before and was not sure what to do but she got me to lie down on my tummy and try to relax as she worked on my shoulders. It was wonderful just being pampered and initially I was talking a lot with excitement about the party so far, but after a while she actually got to me relax! Yes I relaxed…OMG a rare situation! I wasn’t looking over my shoulder for the next thing to do or wondering what people really think of me or what to say next or anything, but just letting the world go by. I am so grateful for her support and her kind words and friendship made a difference to the rest of my party experience.

Afterwards, I had the most wonderful shower, got changed and decided to go out and explore. I soon found out the Boardwalk is pretty windy and that I wasn’t actually on holiday anywhere warmer than England. I had thought it would be sunny and warm, and because I was able to swan around bare legged in the hotel I thought it would be similarly warm outside. Totally wrong…once I got outside my legs were freezing but rather than go back to hotel I braved it down to the Trump Plaza hotel to dive into Starbucks for shelter and warm myself up. I also went shopping across the road and hit Victoria’s Secret (which I always do when I’m in the US) and topped up my knickers and bras collection, plus I bought a wooly hat and thick scarf to wear on the long walk back to the hotel because I was that cold! When I got back to my room mid afternoon I had a couple of dance card spank dates booked from the day before so I had fun in my room but just hand spanking again, although I did risk a few with the wooden paddle on my good side. My bottom was doing alright because I had brought some great gel plasters, so at least I could enjoy things and the massage cheered me up and gave me confidence.

I took that feeling into the evening as it was the Vendor’s Fair event. This was great; there were stands from sellers in the US and a few UK suppliers, generally selling implements and videos. I got to meet some of the well known US spanking stars on their stands and have some good chats, as well as speaking to some of the people I had already got to known and/or played with. To help the sales, two teams of girls were set up by Mike Tanner and we had to go around for 15 minutes and try and sell as much as we could on behalf of the sellers we were representing. The winners got a bottle of soothing lotion each and the losers got spanked on stage. This was so much fun and I tried everything to woo people to buy London Tanners and Punished Brats merchandise, and even though I was encouragingly scolded for talking too much and having fun when I should have been selling, my team mates did enough selling so our team won. I even tried a very unsubtle and very blondly thought through ploy of telling prospective buyers I would be spanked if they didn’t help save me from a spanking and buy something, but their usual answer was “That’s great, I’d pay to watch that but I’m not buying anything”! I even let people try the paddles out as I bent over (totally forgetting about my ailing bottom cheek) but nobody came to my rescue would you believe?! It was a great lot of fun though and nice when our team had won…well, maybe not because I was secretly hoping to be spanked on stage!
During the event I met one gentleman who said he knew who I was and described my films and seemed pleased to have met me, like he was a fan of my work…pretty amazing in my book!! I am really shy and embarrassed whenever this happens because although I’m ‘Emma Bishop’ I have never seen myself as a spanking star or ‘celeb’ as one person once called me, and as much as I may grin from ear to ear I am also hoping the person likes me as a person too. I did get spanked by five lovely guests at the Vendor’s Fair though and I didn’t even have to get my coconuts out to persuade them!! (hmmm maybe that’s just my silly attempt at humour and a British joke?…we have a game with coconut shy’s at our fairgrounds []). I’m not sure if this is a universal name for this game… but most other girls will at least have coconuts too! hee hee!

Straight after the Vendor’s Fair was another suite party upstairs. I was feeling really tired by now, I had not followed my plans to get any meaningful sleep and the last time I had slept for more than four hours was the previous Monday night (it was now Friday). I drank quite a lot of wine at the Vendor’s Fair and was high on everything, not least that I was having a glorious time and had totally disregarded my original plan to be sensible and pace myself so I could enjoy every day uniquely. Another gentleman I met earlier at the Vendor’s party when he kindly offered to buy me a drink was there, and we had a lovely chat about the scene, our preferences in it, how I balance my spanking identity with my other life and what my plans were for the rest of the evening. After that I played with {checks my dance card again} four people and had more OTK spankings, but it was all mild really great party play, exactly what I love and wanted in my condition and it was nice to have so many different experiences and make these new friends. It was getting close to 2am by now and I was already feeling washed out but determined to try and stay up later so I didn’t miss a thing. My head told me I was wide awake and fine but my body was already beginning to suffer days of self neglect and a terrible diet. This same gentleman asked me if I wanted to play in his room privately. I think he had noticed me going rather off the rails and agreeing to play with anybody who asked me, and by my own admission to him I had been very reckless and really needed to go to bed. I agreed I deserved to be spanked properly though and that was to happen when I went to his room.

When we got to his room he told me to go and stand in the corner with my nose against the wall and he slowly and quietly told me off for not looking after myself. He said I was ‘Emma Bishop’ and was all the wonderful things in real life he had heard about me, all good things, and that I have done great work before but now I was letting myself down. As he talked I started crying and tears ran down my face and I had nothing to give and couldn’t stop it. This was someone I hardly knew but I knew somehow he was right and he managed to get to me, talking about ‘her’, who I came to be as a model. Finally he told me to turn around and go over his knee. I won’t describe my spanking because this whole episode in my blog is already way too long but I had a very sound spanking that made me cry all the way though and when I got up my bottom really was bright red and on fire to the touch. After more corner time to compose myself he told me I should ask to come out of the corner when I had an answer to the question of what I was going to do now. My answer was “I’m going to bed now, I am tired and I care about Emma Bishop being fit for a big day tomorrow”. “That’s a good answer Emma” he replied. I was so grateful this stranger helped me, and although we only met briefly after that (I’ve no idea why or how that was, it just worked out that way), I proved to myself and to him that night that this lifestyle is never a game to me. It may be a party but this is my usual reality.

…to be continued…(two more parts)

Note: I prefer not to name names of anyone I played with, but it’s fine if they want to mention me. I was new at this party and prefer to be discreet until I know people well enough socially to know they would be comfortable with my describing how it was from my side, I never make assumptions.

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