Boardwalk Badness Weekend 2013: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly: Part 1

emma_brits2Part One: Backstory to BBW and the Early days (Wednesday to Thursday)

I had the most wonderful time in Atlantic City over the weekend, and this is the hardest blog post I have had to write as there were so many good things that opened my eyes tinged with moments of regret and angst at having to dumb myself down. Anyone who knows me will know I fly around at 100mph and the word ‘relax’ is not in my vocabulary. I have never found it easy to do because I’m always looking for the next challenge or personal goal to fulfil and I once decided that if I were ever going to die it would be having a good time and dying through exhaustion and hyper activeness, and not from relaxing too long having an easy life. I ignore people who tell me to take it easy and look after myself more and I have been punished and spanked before for burning myself out, so one day I will either actually listen to somebody or….well anyway….

I arrived in Atlantic City last Wednesday and although the early meet and greet was the following evening I wanted to settle into my hotel room early, have a peaceful night and be fresh the next day. That was the plan, and that should have been a rule I enforced for myself but as I am currently Daddy, Mentor, or Guardian-less and was at BBW on my own…I sort of forgot. My build up to the event started months ago when I first registered, but before I go on to describe my fun times at the party I will mention what happened the previous two weeks before I arrived, which in some ways were and still are significant in how they affected my emotional and physical state.

I was doing some late night exercise tone up my tummy on Wednesday 10th April before bed and pulled a muscle in my back twisting side to side, doing similar exercises I do most every day and have for years. I could hardly move the next day and was put on pain killers for two weeks which I should have still been taking through the Boardwalk Badness Event under Doctor’s orders. However after a few days it was easier so I stopped taking the tablets and threw them away so I wouldn’t have to take them to the US (and could drink and have fun!). I was so pleased to have recovered (in my mind) on the 15th, just in time for my flight out on the Wednesday 17th. However, disaster struck again though that day when I had a horrid pimple on my bottom which felt like a bruise and made sitting down uncomfortable. I have no idea how or why I got it or where from, maybe an unclean cane or something or a toilet seat but something was trying to ruin my trip and tell me not to go to the party at all. I was mortified and in tears and although I had it squeezed it was very sore and I had to use cushioned plasters and hope it healed so I could at least have some play for some of the party. I tried to put it out my mind and got packed and ready to get the coach to London and fly out to Philadelphia.

I arrived in Philadelphia two hours later than scheduled as the flight was delayed, and I was met by a US friend I made online who offered to chaperone me and collect me in his car. On the way to the hotel he kindly stopped off at a Pharmacy so I could get some antibiotic gel that was recommended by the Pharmacist at the UK airport for my poorly bottom, which had by now turned into a cyst before I took off. We had a nice meal together and went to the hotel, where I had an immediate welcome spanking and introduction to US leather straps and paddles. He was careful to apply them to the side of my bottom which was OK, but I felt brave after a drink and once the antibiotic cream worked so I asked him to give me a few hard as normal anywhere on my bottom as if I weren’t injured. I hate feeling like a wuss and hoped I could just carry on playing as normal with a gel plaster on. It was so great to have arrived and I was grateful of any kind of stress relieving spanking, having stressed about the delayed flight too. After having a freshen-up we went down to the bar to meet the team and other early revelers who had arrived. It was a chance to meet Richard Windsor and Mike Stein from the organising team and their network as well as catching up with Pandora Blake a familiar UK face. As I said, I originally planned an early night but after the bar we were invited up to a suite for more drinks and chat and it was fantastic to share anecdotes with the US spankos and find out what was in store at the party. I went to bed some time around 4am (I think) but with a smile and feeling already very welcomed across the pond!

Thursday Morning arrived and there was a breakfast brunch meeting laid on for 11am. In my usual ‘Trouble with Emma’ style I had set my clock for 9am to get up early and shower, only to find I woke up at 10.45 to see I had set it for 9pm! So, I had 15 minutes to get dressed and get downstairs as there was a veiled threat that if I wasn’t out of bed one of the ‘Tops’ might be sent up to persuade me to get out of bed! Anyway I snuck in at 11.10 and got to meet the entire organising team and get to know the names and faces of the wonderful people who I would soon be adding to my friends list. After that my chaperone friend took me to the Metro PCS shop to get my US mobile phone set up again so I could make local calls to my friends in the US and hook up with any new ones, as well as phoning home. Next up was some time to chill in my room and unpack properly before Richard Windsor’s hot tub pool party. This was wonderful as I had the first chance this year to wear my swimsuit for the first time in ages and the pool area was so warm so it felt like I really was on holiday. The hot tub was wonderfully warm and the chlorine in the water helped to soothe my bottom which had swollen up badly from my recklessness the day before but I had a glow and it was so worth it at the time 🙂 As people started arriving by now I was so relaxed as I had already been there almost a day that I found it easy to mix and discuss possible dance card dates. I dunked myself in the hot tub to wet my hair and it always goes naturally curly and I look a mess (although some want me to stay curly forever), but in this environment who cares what I look like, it’s about being yourself and letting out and letting go. I found that out a lot more as the party fever set in. I hadn’t planned on talking myself into another spanking and had put off one or two people as I was conscious of my weak bottom, but I was reminded of a promise I had made online weeks before and an incident where I had misbehaved. So, I was to keep my semi wet swimming costume on underneath my clothes as I left the pool and report back to my room with him. My bottom felt fine with the warm water healing it, or so I thought, and after a lecture I was very soundly spanked across the knee of this kindly caring friend who had been looking out for me online for a while. It stung more over my swimsuit, but as I was feeling damp and uncomfortable in it I took it off completely and had the hardest and fastest part of the finale in the nude on my bare bottom with no holds barred. I was feeling I had let myself down and it was reminded to me and I cried my eyes out throughout and was glad he didn’t stop because I needed to know that when I act like this I get what I richly deserve. I can only let myself go like this with few people I trust or have immediate chemistry with that make me feel in the right place emotionally, and I was conditioned to be able to give up my submission and the fight in me through years of close personal mentoring and discipline. I can’t explain how or why or when it happens like this but when it does and I know I need and deserve it, it is the single best benefit I can get out of any of this that is non sexual…hmmm well yes sometimes it is too when I stop crying and in the right situation 🙂 But was a special spanking I needed from a special friend who I know meant it because he cares about me and my feeling good about myself and not putting myself down.

That evening there was early registration at 8pm and I went down to eat early and met up with the lovely Marie and her friends who I joined for dinner. We had chatted online a little before and as I had set up to have a massage from her the next day it was good to meet and chat. I had never in my life had a massage before so was looking forward to a new experience. I went and collected my own registration badge and quickly recognised a lot of the people arriving, including fellow Brits I was already friends with socially and working together in films. I was introduced to many other wonderful personalities from Fetlife and tried to remember the names, but in the absence of that the smiles sufficed 🙂 Later in the evening there were suite parties and I found myself playing with virtually everybody who asked me as I was so glad to be there and high on too much alcohol already and to find such welcoming people who seemed glad I was there too. I noticed sometime during the playtime that my broken bottom was hardening up underneath the plaster because try hard as everyone did to avoid it, I sometimes asked people to ignore it because I just wanted to belong fully and be spanked properly without feeling like I had to have concessions and allowances made. After all I was ‘Emma Bishop’ the toughie Brit Brat, this can’t be happening to me, I am never injured or wearing plasters to play! The reality is all that I was making things worse and later in the week I would find out more….

to be continued ……

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