Stop it Now

I had started having regular visits to ‘Sir’ at the time and he was getting to understand me. This was my third punishment and was for:

  • Throwing a tantrum in online chat. I was sarcastic and suggested our spanking relationship wasn’t serious and was a game, because ‘Sir’ was also in another punishment relationship with someone else and it felt wrong for me to be in this too. I was cheeky and kept answering back and when he told me to “Stop it Now” I disobeyed and carried on talking and acting like a spoilt madam he said.  – I had a very intense over the knee spanking, followed by a slippering, the wooden and leather paddles and a hairbrush, plus 12 strokes of the Cane
  • I was also 4 minutes late to bed – I had a 4 minute over the knee spanking for this too.

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