This year I was working with Northern Spanking and doing lots of role play sessions in London and Birmingham, and photo shoots. I also filmed ‘The Writings on the Wall’ which was another one from my own film series. I ran a successful charity event ‘Spank a Bishop for Charity’ in which all of the over proceeds went to Leukemia Research. There were 3 winners who each for a role play session with me at different levels.

I remember going to ‘Night of the Cane’ in London, and also to a Northern Spanking party in Glasgow, where I met my idol Niki Flynn who had just retired. Most of the top spanking models were there and I was dressed up as a pirate girl 🙂

I remember being totally rushed off my feet, and with Martin my tall handsome British-Italian boyfriend for 6 months who lived in Spain and took me to parties. I only saw him at weekends, but I did get lots of spankings too and we had a good time together.