My ‘The Trouble With Emma’ website was attracting over 125,000 unique visitors a year and I was getting myself more established as a model. I made more films in my own ‘The Trouble with Emma’ series and travelled a lot. I had a boyfriend in the scene for a year who worked in Paris, France, so I saw him at weekends and stayed over there a few times. It was my first taste of living a Domestic Discipline lifestyle when we were together, but he treated me like a princess. I was too immature for him and impatient and wanted more of it and to be together full time, and we spilt up just before Xmas after I left.

I joined the ‘Bums on the Run’ team over 14 spanking models to do ‘Race for Life’ 5K run in London to raise money for Cancer Research. We all advertised, contacted our friends and acquaintances and managed to be the 3rd highest group of fundraisers in the UK, as everyone in the scene came out to support us. I remember being in awe of some of the models who were well known, but we all mucked in and I made good friends that I would later work with in films.