I joined the scene in October 2005 after I was approached by a published photographer, Roy Tersely, who had worked with the top spanking magazines and other sites. I was very confident and reckless but lucky, and as I had been modelling in the Blue Rooms in London and was signed to a fashion agency I had lots of practice on how to walk and pose so spanking pictures had to follow. I was still with my mentor Dr Williams who I had been with since 2000, and I had regular discipline before I even knew there was a big ‘scene’.

Roy Tersely took wonderful pictures, introduced me to the right people and helped me with my spanking films. My first film was a fly on the wall early video diary that I called ‘A Visit to the School Governors’. It was not scripted but shot in the moment at a party I was invited to, and later became the main event in the film I produced. It was very successful and I was the new girl on the block. I’m eternally grateful to Mr Tersely and his remains a ‘Sir’ to me I will always want to work with and see again.